Winner of the Best Handy Tip of the Month Competition

Hello everyone

We hope you are all well. We have now chosen the winner for the Best Handy Tip of the Month Competition as featured in the July issue of Sixtyplusurfers.

The winning entry is the Handy Tip about Reviving your Wooden Blinds with Colourful Samples of Wallpaper. We thought this was very creative, imaginative, and lovely that you can co-ordinate it with more of the same wallpaper around the room and in your home.

The prize is a Mio MieVue 688 Dash Cam.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, there were some really great handy tips. We all enjoyed reading them and finding out about new things to do to save money and be creative.

We now have a brand new Competition on the Chat & Socialise page to win Two Jigsaw Puzzles from Ravensburger including Volkswagen Camper Van 3D Puzzle and Crazy Cats Vintage Bus.

To enter, we're looking for the Best Poem of the Month in the 'Poet's Corner' Group on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page. Here's a speedy link to the entry page

Congratulations again to The Crafter for sending in such a great entry.

All the best

Jenny, Sixtyplusurfers

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