I shall need to retire to my bed early this evening having spent over an hour on the telephone attempting to change my gas supplier.

Firstly, I was nodding off waiting to speak to a call centre agent and after 20mins listening to a piped message apologising for keeping me waiting, plus recorded music, which sounded as though the gramophone required a new needle, I finally got through. Trouble was, when someone eventually answered, I'd almost forgotten what I was calling about!!  

Anyway I thought this will be simple, because I already buy my electricity from Eon, so to add my gas to the same account would be a very simple process. How wrong can you be?

The first thing I did was to inform the agent that the address details on my existing account were incorrect so I confirmed the correct details.

I wont bore you with the details of the mammoth telephone call, just to say I was confused beyond belief by various tariffs kw/hrs etc and in the end, I just went for one chosen at random, simply to speed things along a little.

One hour later, I was quickly losing the will to live, but managed to stick with it until the bitter end.

Final straw - After the agony of the protracted phone call, the agent emailed me confirming the details and would you believe it, my address was still incorrect!!

Is it me, or has the world gone mad?

Enjoy your evening, I'm off now for a large g&t


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Comment by judylow on July 14, 2015 at 22:38

You should be OK once they have your correct address!  We're with them and they let me know when there is a better tariff than the one we're on and I've never had any problems so luck of the draw who you speak to.

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