Tom gets a phone call about a job (FANTASTIC)

The phone rings last week and a very well spoken "gentleman" was on the line asking to speak with my son Tom, some of you might have read about my Tommy, he has just been through a nasty time after an op on his hamstrings to try and ease the pain in his knees due to his cerebral palsy and has been to the Star fish project to get some help with his stammer. Tom is desperate to get a job as he was made redundant last October, anyway this guy had received Tom's CV and was very keen to talk to Tom and arrange an interview (Fantastic) Tom had been to the Star fish project a few months back and although the op put his speech back a bit he is doing really well, all his friends and family are amazed how well he is speaking, so I pass the phone over to Tom, make myself scarce and leave Tom to it. I could hear Tom putting all he learned at Star fish into practice and he was chatting away answering all the guys questions, suddenly I heard Tom swear something he'd never ever do, I went to him and found him, well the only word really when I saw him is that he was crushed. This guy had said to Tom that his CV was pefect but it would be CRUEL to employ him due to his speech, we just couldn't beleive it. I just had to phone this guy back for some explanation, which was " Your son might have to speak to French people, and they'd not like the way he talks" WHAT!!! Tom grabbed the phone from me and again much to my surprise called the guy a very rude word followed by "IS that clear enough speech for you" I don't condone Tommy swearing at the guy but he really did have it coming. And I had a secret smile inside and couldn't feel more proud of my son who stuck up for himself and other disabled people who are constantly discriminated against.

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Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on August 31, 2013 at 10:27

That is terrible descrimination, good for Tom at standing up for himself. I hope Tom is able to find a job with a nicer company. And wish him a speedy recovery from his operation.

Comment by judylow on September 1, 2013 at 22:41

I can only second what Jenny said.

Comment by Maryemm on October 9, 2013 at 16:28

.............and I echo the above sentiments.


Comment by The Crafter on October 10, 2013 at 10:22

Thank you! Tom's much better after his op. he's had a few interviews but no luck with getting a job, but he is the kind of guy that just won't give in, so now he has set his mind on becoming a cab driver, he has a medical next week, & he should pass that, he filled in all the paper work so hopefully soon he'll be able to do the "knowledge" fairly locally at first then a wider area maybe in the future. He is a very good driver and because of his disability he was able to start driving at 16, but he'd been driving off road from the age of twelve. So this has given him something to focus on.

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