I am 73 years old, in sound mind and body, and cold.Even my dog shivers at night when we go to bed. Why, you might ask, the answer is no heating and no hot water. Oh what joy. I had a wonderful new central heating system installed 7 years ago by good old British Gas. Unfortunately the boiler they recommended is the worst boiler ever made. A fact I have since verified by searching the web. My existing boiler cover was cancelled, presumably because the boiler is not worth repairing. OK, First point of call British Gas, not interested. OK,  Next point of call,  Ideal. Slightly better luck, they came and repaired it free of charge. Telling me it was a one off repair,  it lasted all of 3 weeks. OK. on to the government scheme to replace boilers free of charge. Numerous failures here. The boiler is not old enough. I do not have the right benefits, not applicable to my home, etc. Other options, bank loan, nope. 0% finance card, nope. Equity release, nope. Well, no one can say I  didn't try. So, here we are back at square one. 73 years old, sound in mind and body, and COLD! Roll on summer. Rant over. Irene.

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Comment by Maryemm on February 11, 2015 at 16:46

Oh Irene! I really sympathise with you. It's no joke being cold this time of the year. We had a problem with ours before Christmas when we had  a cold spell.

 Not sure what you can do about the boiler situation. Insurance seems to be a No, No.

Is there an Age Concern around that can help?  Have you tried Freegle, that sort of organisation? Very slim chance but people often change things for the sake of changing. You can always ask for things on Freegle and often people are very kind.

I hope you are following the obvious things: hot water bottles ; wheat pillows that can be heated in a microwave; layered clothing: warm fire;

Have to confess I love my electric blanket!

Comment by judylow on February 28, 2015 at 17:10

I am so sorry abut your boiler, I would be ranting too. Seven years is not that long and surely whoever you bought the boiler from should take some responsibility and at least try and repair it again (even if they charge you this time).  Perhaps the citizen's Advice Bureau might have some ideas to help you.  No one should  live in a cold house and have no hot water.

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