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It's bank holiday Monday, and where I am, it's siling it down with rain. The wife reckons I'm bored and before she drags me off to do some food shopping, I'll write to my silver haired friends and see if I can gain a few health benefit tips based upon your personal experience. 

About ten years ago, I developed a clicking knee and someone advised me to take daily glucosamine sulphate, and after a while it worked and my knee was as good as new. I purchased the GS from a company in the Channel Isles and they kept tempting me with special offers on other dietary suppliments and before too long I was taking 11 different pills, but instead of feeling super fit, I began feeling a little under the weather. I was going on a 2 week business trip to China and I decided to leave my supplements at home in case I faced some awkward questions from the immigration authorities.   When I returned home I was feeling much better and I decided to seek some advise from my doctor. He severely criticised me swallowing all that daily stuff, and said it was dangerous taking such a cocktail of supplements, which in his opinion are a waste of time.

The only thing I take nowadays is one brazil nut each morning to top up my levels of selenium, and nothing else. I'm wondering what others might take and if  they can recommend anything that has proven exceptionally beneficial in any particular way. We have a good balanced diet, including lots of fish (kippers every Sunday for breakfast) and plenty of fruit and vegetables. 

Not that I'm feeling under nourished or below par, but if there is anyone out there with a cure for balding, or can reduce an ever increasing waistline, I'd dearly like to know. Both my knees are now playing up and I often tell the wife "I have a cracking pair of knees." I'm particularly interested in a cure for sagging arms and drooping eyelids and if anyone has any knowledge about natural Viagra alternatives, then I shall be particularly interested to hear from you!

Best wishes from Silverfox  

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Comment by Silverfox on May 29, 2017 at 12:04


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