We have just visited our local supermarket and the very nice lady who served us at the check-out reminded me of an amusing tale.

The same lady used to work in a local DIY store and our Son-In- Law took advantage of an offer on paint, with a buy three for the price of two deal.

The paint went further than he had anticipated and he finished up with an unopened 5 litre tin, so he decided to return it for a refund.

The aforementioned lady was at the customer services desk, and when he said he would wish to return the  unopened tin, and after studying his receipt, she informed him that he was unable to have a refund because he had received one 5 litre tin free.

Known for his quick thinking he informed her that he had used the free tin and this was one of those he had paid for.

She looked at him bemused and said she would need to refer to the store manager, and when he arrived at the scene he too was confused when our Son-In-Law repeated that he had used the free tin and he wished to return one of the tins he had paid for.

There was a queue gathering and after some head scratching by the manager, he shook his head and instructed the lady to issue a refund!!

Personally, I wouldn't have had the nerve, but his story made me smile.    

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