Hello fellow Sixtyplusurfers.

It's Sunday evening and there's b****r all ont tele, and I feel like a really good rant before I retire to my bed.

The publicity surrounding the salaries paid to BBC presenters, artists, and performers, makes my blood boil. There is b****r all ont BBC box, nowadays, compared with days gone by, and I think it is a disgrace what some of the employees are paid, male and female alike. 

Female presenters including Claudia Winkleman, Mishall Husaine & Fiona Bruce, should be ashamed of themselves seeking parity of remuneration with the BBC boys such as Chris Evans & John  Humphries & Alan McKintire. What needs to happen regarding equality of pay  irrespective of gender, is that the current imbalance should be rectified by the male salaries be reduced to comparative levels with their female counterparts.

Sorry for repeating myself, but there is b****r all ont tele and the likes of Alan McKintire should be sacked as he is a disgrace compared to comedians from the past.

What are we paying our licence fee for? Snooker & Golf, plus superb programmes like 'Bake Off' have gone to channel 4.

The BBC is a failing institution and it should be disposed of forthwith. I shall now go and see what I can find for my Sunday evening TV entertainment and I shall no doubt finish up watching repeat episodes of 'Shed & Buried' or Drew Pritchard buying more antique chairs.

What do you all think?

Have an amazing TV viewing!


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Comment by judylow on August 1, 2017 at 15:05

I don't feel too strongly about it.  Yes, they do get paid a lot of money but then so do footballers.  I agree there is nothing much of interest at the moment (apart from a couple of brilliant foreign drama series, University Challenge and Mastermind) but that is usually the case in the summer but there are probably a lot of other people who are enjoying what is available as we all have different tastes. I personally don't watch sport or Bake Off and have never heard of Shed & Buried. Bite the bullet and watch Channel 4 for the moment. 

I don't know what Claudia Winkleman does but do think Fiona Bruce is great and why shouldn't she earn the same as John Humphries?

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