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Out In the Cold!

Until recently, I have been somewhat sceptical about online chatting, maybe from a shyness angle, or possibly by just being a tad suspicious about someone's motive  in wanting to chat to a complete stranger. I suppose that for a lonely person, the opportunity of a little friendly chat can be rewarding and I suppose I can appreciate a benefit from some social interaction albeit over the airwaves being a substitute for face to face communication.

I joined the social media site Buzz 50,…


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Buy three for the price of two

We have just visited our local supermarket and the very nice lady who served us at the check-out reminded me of an amusing tale.

The same lady used to work in a local DIY store and our Son-In- Law took advantage of an offer on paint, with a buy three for the price of two deal.

The paint went further than he had anticipated and he finished up with an unopened 5 litre tin, so he decided to return it for a refund.

The aforementioned lady was at the customer services desk,…


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Pull up a bollard Jim, and I'll tell thee a tale.

In 1967, I joined the Merchant Navy, sailing as a junior engineering officer with the famous 'Blue Funnel Line' and when I decided to write my memoir, I attempted to contact other members of the crew, when we had sailed to the Far East on board the Victory Ship, named the S.S. Talthybius.

I posted a piece on the Blue Funnel Association website way back in 2010 with no responses whatsoever, which was very disappointing as there were two individuals who I really wished to contact. One…


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BBC Salaries

Hello fellow Sixtyplusurfers.

It's Sunday evening and there's b****r all ont tele, and I feel like a really good rant before I retire to my bed.

The publicity surrounding the salaries paid to BBC presenters, artists, and performers, makes my blood boil. There is b****r all ont BBC box, nowadays, compared with days gone by, and I think it is a disgrace what some of the employees are paid, male and female alike. 

Female presenters including Claudia Winkleman, Mishall…


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A different type of cruise

As avid cruisers, we embark tomorrow with more that a tad of trepidation, upon a different type of cruise holiday, as we explore the Oxford, Coventry, & Ashby canals. Our home for the following week will be 'Beatrice' a 53 feet narrow boat, specially adapted for disabled passengers.

The holiday has been organised by our 45 year old son, who at the age of 18 years,…


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Dietary Supplients

Hello Sixtyplusurfers

It's bank holiday Monday, and where I am, it's siling it down with rain. The wife reckons I'm bored and before she drags me off to do some food shopping, I'll write to my silver haired friends and see if I can gain a few health benefit tips based upon your personal experience. 

About ten years ago, I developed a clicking knee and someone advised me to take daily glucosamine sulphate, and after a while it worked and my knee was as good as new. I…


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Historic Street Signs

As part of my recent research around the historic part of Worksop Town, I observed a number of street signs that looked worthy of investigation.

They were produced from…


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P&O cruise ship Ventura

We are sailing on Ventura this coming Sunday, and I'm reminded of a previous cruise on this ship, where some of my books were on sale.

I had written to P&O asking if they would consider putting my (three books at that time) in the ships libraries, and they referred me to Ocean Books who run the libraries on behalf of P&O. They declined my request, because they only have hard backed books and as mine are paperbacks, they wouldn't meet the format criteria. However, they made an…


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My next literary project

For the past 12 months, I've been working on a literary project, which a kind of past and present appraisal of the historic parts of Worksop, close to where my wife and I reside at Grove Court. The idea first came to me two years ago when we met a couple on a Caribbean cruise who run a motor garage just a few hundred yards from our apartment block. They explained that the area round about is steeped in history, so last year I began some research and now my project is nearing completion. The…


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Seasons Greetings

Dear Sixtyplusurfers

As we approach the festive season and the ending of another year, I should like to convey my best wishes to all Sixtyplusurfers and finish my blog posting for 2016 on a positive note. I have been up early this morning reading lots of comments on another social media website aimed at those of an elderly nature, and it depresses me when there is so many pensioners complaining about their lot.

I acknowledge that getting older brings its problems, for some more…


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The US Presidential Election

I cannot help having sympathy for the electorate of the United States of America, in having to chose between the two candidates for the forthcoming Presidential election. If I was an American, I would probably refuse to vote, as I see neither Donald or Hilary worthy of such high office and I find it incredible that a country of over 300m, is unable to select a better quality of individuals.

I guess this is democracy, but I must say that it baffles me why the current prospective…


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For the life of me, I cannot see why tattooing as now become so popular particularly among younger individuals. I can understand a small tattoo, maybe on the shoulder or somewhere inconspicuous, but when I see someone walking down the street with an entire arm or leg completely covered with a tattoo, I'm bewildered to say the least. When I was lad it was common place for service men to have tattoos on their forearms, say Mum or Dad, but some of the sights you see nowadays, makes me lose…


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Dane Mills Bosley

It is now over 12 months since I was shocked to hear about a devastating disaster that happened at the mill in Cheshire, which was the subject of my book published in 2012.

It was the 17th July 2015 and Pat and I had returned from our usual walk in Clumber Park, when we noticed that our telephone was showing messages, which all referred to a terrible disaster at Wood…


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Post Brexit Fallout

I lay in bed this morning with my headphones on, listening to endless political debate about  the apparent turmoil following Thursday's vote to leave the EU, and I wonder where the world is going and what life will be like for future generations.

I personally voted to leave in the belief that the UK will be better off when freed up from all the bureaucratic regulation coming from Brussels, and I was persuaded by those advocating as a sovereign nation, we take back control of our…


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Apartment Living

My wife and I were bouncing around in our four bedroom detached house, when about 18 months ago, we noticed some luxury apartments under construction in a very nice location on the edge of our town. We took a peek and decided to purchase a ground floor two bedroom home, without giving much thought or consideration to this type of communal living. 

At our age we should…


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More Cruising Stories

We are just back from our most recent cruising adventure with P&O Cruises, and I have a few more tales to tell.

We now prefer freedom dining as we have greater flexibility regarding when we have dinner, and you get to sit next to different people each evening. As usual, we met some very nice and interesting individuals, but there were a few tense moments. One occurred on a formal dress evening when I found myself sitting next to a very smart looking Scottish gentleman suitably…


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The Mystery Musket Ball

The Mystery Musket Ball

A long standing friend of mine recently contacted me with a very interesting story, about a chance discovery of a Musket Ball that had been embedded within a section of Pitch Pine.

This prompted me to speculate about the origin of this antique ammunition projectile, including its country of origin, plus the length of time it had been hidden away inside this very…


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Thought Leadership

I thought I'd share something I've just had published in a USA health & safety magazine.

Have a nice evening and keep smiling!


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Communication Technology

I'm considering joining the Sixtyplusurfers 'Grumpy Group', but I don't think I'm quite ready yet!! Some day's I sing the praises on modern day communication technology, whenever I use the car to leave our security gated apartment. I simply get into the car press a button on the steering wheel and a voice recognition system associated with the telephone asks me which programme I'm seeking. I answer 'Phone Book', then I am spoken to again, this time the very nice sounding lady asks me "which…


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My 1959 Lambretta Li 150m Scooter

Hello Fellow Sixtyplusurfers

Please follow the link to a recently published article in a web magazine for the people of Macclesfield.

I hope it makes a few folks smile!!


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