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Win a Winter Breakdown & Emergency Kit for Your Car

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well.

We've got a brand new competition on Sixtyplusurfers this month.

Win a Winter Breakdown & Emergency Kit for Your Car.

Go to the Personal Health page on the main website to enter



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A truly amazing child.

Where or when has this beautiful child possibly had the time or opportunity to acquire this astounding talent?

It has been suggested that she is the re incarnated Maria Callas.  

I am unable to comment on that but neither can I explain the phenomenon which this little girl presents.

Whether or not you are a fan of such TV Talent shows you would be well advised to view this clip.  

I will be surprised if it does not astound you.…


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Has anyone had a delay with hip or knee replacement surgery?

We have been given the following message for any readers that might be able to help.

We are looking for someone who has experienced a delay with their hip or knee replacement surgery with the NHS.  Maybe they’re still waiting or have had the surgery after a delay with the NHS.  Or maybe they had to go privately after the long wait, just to get it done.  This is for an article being put together for The Daily Mail’s  Health pages.   

If you or someone…


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Little Lexi Branson who was killed by dog

How it saddens me to hear yet again of someone being killed by a dog, especially after having 16 years with the most gentle dog I could ever have wished for in our Staffy Georgie. Growing up we got many a rescue dog from Batersea dogs home from a huge German Shepherd who was a big soppy old thing to tiny little Chihuahua who I must admit thought he owned the place when he first came to us. As far as I can remember Batersea only had the dogs a week or so before they were re homed so I would…


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Cruise Holidays

Hello Sixtyplusurfers

Are you contemplating taking your first cruise holiday? If so, the following may help make up your mind if cruising is for you.

This is a copy of chapter 8 from my latest book entitled 'This is the Life'. Pat and I have recently been on another cruise with P&O, this time we sailed from Southampton to the USA & Canada and it was amazing.



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Nan's Pumpkin.

Every year our grandaughter, Amy, buys a pumpkin and comes around to our house where she spent a great deal of her childhood, to carve out a Halloween pumpkin for her Nan. Here is this year's finished item. She is very arty and I think she has a real talent.…


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Another new hobby

I live in Somerset, and apart from my own mini orchard of 6 plum trees, 1 pear tree and 6 apple trees, several people around Glastonbury give apples away on freecycle.

Having had a superb harvest this year, giving most of it away in exchange for some heavy work in the garden, I decided to juice the few pears and apples I kept back for myself. The resulting juice was so marvellous that I intend to buy an apple press and masher - I know how to make cider. I could do it with my kitchen…


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My Hobby rescued me from depression and worse.

Hello, after my wife divorced me in 2007 and my sons stopped visiting, I got very lonely and depressed.  When my health worsened and I was not very fit for gardening I needed to find a hobby that was interesting and would encourage me to get up in the morning (I didn't want to let myself go). I started with 4 ex-battery hens, then I wanted more - I now have 16 hens & bantams, also 16 ducks. It is not a cheap hobby but very gratifying, especially when the hens mob me for any treats I have…


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Favourite Hobbies & Pastimes Competition

Hello everyone

We hope you are well.

This month we have a brand new competition for you to enter on the Sixtyplusurfers Chat & Socialise page. This time we want you to tell us about your favourite hobbies and pastimes.

The prize is…


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Winner of the Best Photograph of the Month Competition

Hello everyone

We hope you are all well. We have now chosen a winner for the 'Best Photograph' of the Month Competition as featured in the October issue of Sixtyplusurfers.

The winning entry is Kingfisher by Tab - a stunning close-up of a beautiful rare bird. Tab explains that it took him two days of hiding in bushes to get a picture of this elusive bird!…


Added by Jenny Itzcovitz on November 4, 2013 at 9:30 — 2 Comments

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