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For the life of me, I cannot see why tattooing as now become so popular particularly among younger individuals. I can understand a small tattoo, maybe on the shoulder or somewhere inconspicuous, but when I see someone walking down the street with an entire arm or leg completely covered with a tattoo, I'm bewildered to say the least. When I was lad it was common place for service men to have tattoos on their forearms, say Mum or Dad, but some of the sights you see nowadays, makes me lose…


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i am again de-cluttering and this time have high hopes of really getting somewhere.

I bought a book written by a Japanese woman who really inspired me and I have managed, so far, to fill 5 sacks with clothes, and boxes with around 120 books. These have gone but the hallway is filling up with yet more books and odds and ends. Why on earth did I get all these things?I don't really need any of them. 

I used to tackle the place room by room but this time I am following a certain…


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Dane Mills Bosley

It is now over 12 months since I was shocked to hear about a devastating disaster that happened at the mill in Cheshire, which was the subject of my book published in 2012.

It was the 17th July 2015 and Pat and I had returned from our usual walk in Clumber Park, when we noticed that our telephone was showing messages, which all referred to a terrible disaster at Wood…


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I went Strawberry picking at my local Pick Your Own farm but having seen this one I decided to take a photograph rather that pick it so that I can enjoy it all the year round.

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Win an RSPB Adjus-table Bird Table and Bird Food


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