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Angels? Real or Not?

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As an ambulance-man  in the late 1970s, I was no stranger to sudden death. I had even had accident victims die in my arms. But I had never experienced anything remotely para-normal, or even spooky.…Continue

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Comment by TedLancaster on March 11, 2013 at 18:50

Hyah Crafter and welcome,  Some of the people who claim to know about these things, and I believe that some of them are genuinely sincere in their beliefs, say that whatever we are like in life we are still like it afterwards.  They say that some people pass over without realizing that they have died and so continue to occupy the earth plane instead of passing on to the next stage.  I wonder if this was the case with your gentleman of the road.

Some kids seem to be very sensitive to such things.  My granddaughter would claim to see all sorts of people and creatures when she was very tiny but never ever showed any fear,  just a fascinated interest.

On a similar theme to your Nanny experience, my wife, Patricia, was brought up to a great extent by her nan.  They were bosom pals and Pat spent more time round at Nan's than she did at home.  Nan died without ever seeing the home we had set up together.  A short while after setting up in our own home who should appear at the far end of the garden but Nan looking around with a look of great approval, smiling and nodding.

Pat was on her own at the time and was very nervous about this situation.  She couldn't wait for me to get home to pour it all out.

I tried to reassure her that as Nan would never do any harm in life she pretty certainly wouldn't now.   If she came again I suggested that Pat talk to her in exactly the same way as she did when they were such close pals.

A short time afterwards Nan came again.  This time it was inside the house, again looking around with a pleased look.

Pat again was so unnerved that she could only stammer out, 'Please go away, Nan.  You are frightening me.'

Nan never came again.

Some time later we attended a psychic fair with the fortune tellers, psychics and mediums.  One of the medium ladies offered a free demonstration and half a dozen people sat in a row while she stood behind each one in turn and without them having to say anything she told them bits and pieces.

On coming behind Pat she said, 'There is an old lady standing by you.  She is hurt and disappointed that you sent her away.'  Some coincidence, hey?

Comment by The Crafter on March 11, 2013 at 21:44

Hello Ted, well these were only a few happenings that we've had over the years, when we first moved into the "new house" where Sammy had the awful bedroom experience with"tramp man" We are still here 29 years later, the kids have all left home now but odd things kept on happening from day one, things I would dismiss, like when I might be dusting the lounge and my hair would be pulled, I felt like someone was watching me sometimes too, and all kinds of odd things that you could dismiss as me being paranoid, our old cottage was built in 1810 so I always thought it must have energy from all those that have lived here before. One day I decided to make some new bedroom curtains, I had to make them in the bedroom as my windows are so rickety, I have three windows, and they are all odd sizes, well I was sewing away when my husband Jeff called me down for something to eat, I left my scissors in the middle of my bed and went down to eat, when I went back to the bedroom my scissors had gone, we ripped that bedroom apart looking for the scissors and they were never found, after that we had the house blessed and thank god have had no "trouble since" apart from hearing the odd banging ect. I'm a lot braver these days and put it down to noises from an old house, but every once in a while i feel an unease, but I just say, OK I know you're here and it's Ok to be here. But I still want to poo my pants, I don't run out of the house any more, but I hate the feeling when we have "Visitors" Luckily not too often these days "fingers crossed" My Mum always use to say the dead can't hurt you, I'm not so sure if that true.

Comment by The Crafter on March 11, 2013 at 22:34

 I was just talking to my hubby Jeff about my post to you all and he said "do you remember when"? my goodness I had forgot all about the day when I took him a cup of tea in bed, I was sitting on the side of the bed chatting away to him, and suddenly I felt pressure on my knee, I looked down to see a sweet little black dog with it's head on my knee, being the woos that I am, I jump up and the little dog was gone, my hubby thinks I'm mad, but as he has seen things too in the past, he knows these sightings do happen, but he's a big brave soldier, but sometimes even Jeff gets a bit worried too. I don't know if this may be of any significance, but I come from a really old romany family line, you know all the old fortune telling stuff etc? I don't really like to go there myself, but maybe there may be something in it? who knows!

Comment by The Crafter on March 23, 2013 at 10:22

 My mum use to love anything to do with paranormal or physic
 what ever you like to call it, often an unexpecting visitor would have their palm read or their tea leaves read,Our bedtime stories would be about ghost and we hung on her every word, she'd often cut out numbers and letters to make an Ouija board although sometime as a kid i'd be scared I was also fascinated too. I was amazed at the accuracy of mum predictions and how she would tell someone all about their family when she hadn't met them before, but she'd never told anyone anything that might worry them. This was all completely normal to us kids, other kids mum's did knitting our mum read palms etc. When mum had a "feeling" you'd better listen to her, her "feeling" was to save my fifteen year old brothers life. My brothers friend and several members of his family were going to sail over the channel to France and invited my brother along at fifteen and working, in those days you were considered a man and could do as you please but out of respect my brother asked mums permission to go on the trip, immediately mum had one of her "feelings" and begged him not to go but he took no notice of mum and carried on planning for the trip. The day before he was due to go mum got in such a state begging him not to go and crying, then the rest of us kids were asking him not to go, in the end he very reluctantly gave in. we heard a few days later that the boat had capsized and the whole family had drowned. if mum ever had one of her "feelings" after that we never questioned it.   

Comment by The Crafter on May 28, 2013 at 12:08

I was listening to my local radio station (LBC) the other day and they were talking about the pope doing an exorcism. A listener called in to tell of his frightening experience of being dragged out of bed, beaten and choked by a spirit, the poor guy was left battered and bruised. He called in his priest who read passages from the bible to get rid of this nasty spirit, the priest then asked the guy if he had Tarot cards in the house, and the guy said he had, the priest told him to get rid of them immediately. Apparently every time you use the Tarot cards you are inviting spirits into your home.

Comment by TedLancaster on May 28, 2013 at 20:28

Here is a quick video of the so called exorcism.  Don't blink or you'll miss it.


Comment by Paddybear on August 11, 2013 at 0:01

I think I inherited my grandmother's "sensitivity". Every so often I will got to a place or meet a person and I get the strongest "Impressions". It might be a visual image or a feeling or simply knowing something about the person or the place. It can be upsetting but I've gotten used to it over the years. Usually I keep my impressions to myself but, if the information isn't sensitive, I'll ask and check it out. I'm always right about the sex of expected babies and those ideas which I can check are usually right. Sometimes they can't be authenticated; just yesterday I was travelling through a small local village in a friend's car. As we drove past the village green I saw, in my mind's eye, a tall young man in eighteenth century grey coat and breeches, holding a tricorn hat in his right hand with his hair tied in a pony tail of the fashion of the time. I wonder who he was and why he left such a strong impression on that place. I guess I'll never know.

I don't think I'm any more weird than anyone else and I'm normally very down-to earth but my grandmother, of whom I was very fond, was very psychic. She, at least, taught me not to be afraid of things I didn't understand.

Comment by Paddybear on October 25, 2013 at 8:53

Just an update. I lost my mother earlier this year. She was a very special lady who had experiences in her life that would sound like a novel if I wrote them down (which I will one day). We always had a strong link and since she died, at 93, I've often heard her voice saying my name in her native language (Georgian). It's very reassuring.

Comment by TedLancaster on October 25, 2013 at 12:32

Make a start now, Paddybear.  Don't let such a wonderful opportunity become one of those things we were always going to do but it never seemed quite the right moment. Your Ma looks like a fine lady, God bless her.  You can do her memory proud. Go to it, lad.  We're rootin' fer yer.

Comment by Paddybear on October 25, 2013 at 12:49

Thank you Ted, you're very kind. She was a very fine lady; and I wasn't always such a grumpy baby - I'm told! :-)

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