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Started by Maryemm. Last reply by Maryemm Mar 11, 2013. 4 Replies

 Do you believe in UFO's?Continue

Angels? Real or Not?

Started by Paddy. Last reply by Maryemm Mar 11, 2013. 2 Replies

As an ambulance-man  in the late 1970s, I was no stranger to sudden death. I had even had accident victims die in my arms. But I had never experienced anything remotely para-normal, or even spooky.…Continue

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Comment by TedLancaster on March 7, 2013 at 13:52

Thanks for the comments, Sam.  I hope that nothing I said seemed to suggest that your experiences were not real.  This was not my intention.  I do, however, think that skepticism is healthy.  Only by trying to find alternative, rational explanations for seemingly weird happenings can we be left with that one percent that has no logical explanation.  It is this wondrous one percent that I pursue.  I would put Wyn's adventure in this category.  It would not be sufficient that an experience was shared by several people.  There would have to be more to it than that.  There are many professional tricksters and hoaxers whose practices serve only to cloud the issue.  In the Victorian era it was big business to stage paranormal shows.  It was all fake but many people were hoodwinked, including such notables as Arthur Conan Doyle, the author and psychic investigator.

There are, however, documented cases that deserve very serious consideration. 

My mum bought a little book from the local Scarborough market stall for sixpence when I was eight years old.  It was called, 'The Mind in Conflict' and was a biography of Sigmund Freud, the acknowledged clinical psychologist.  Being an inquisitive sort of rascal I read this book and despite my lack of years found it most interesting and intriguing.  I was especially drawn to the use he made of hypnosis in his attempts to analyze the psychological difficulties of his patients.  He was not very impressed with hypnosis but I was fascinated, particularly when mum took me to see a stage hypnotist a couple of years later.

So it will come as no surprise that shortly after finishing a second degree course in child psychology at Brum Uni I took a further diploma in clinical curative hypnosis and opened the Dudley Hypnotherapy Center which I ran for fifteen years. 

I was deeply interested in claims of so called 'past lives', people claiming that they had lived before in times gone-by as completely different people. 

It is all too easy to claim that we were someone famous whose life can be read about in history books.  This is possibly why there are so many reborn Napoleons and Anne Boleyns.  It is the hard to verify claims that are of more interest.  Such people as Reuben Stafford (Ray Bryant) and Mary Sutton (Jennie Cockle).

Look up these names on Google to find their stories along with many others.   A great deal of hard work and delving into lost archives had to be undertaken to substantiate their claims.  Their records were eventually found to be remarkably accurate.  Even so the skeptics find ways of 'explaining' these cases.  They claim that memory traces may have been passed on from mother to child through generations in the same way that baby birds 'remember' how to follow their parents on a migration journey some weeks later over hundreds of miles of unknown territory.  This is perhaps a feasible explanation except where the the past life was of a child or other person who died without having children.

I undertook some investigative work in this field and had some interesting cases.  I will see if I can find some of my old case notes.  You may find them interesting.

Comment by Maryemm on March 7, 2013 at 17:28

Interesting, Ted. So spirits/entities understand Welsh? That's encouraging, as Welsh was my first language.

Mind you, I always thought we were/are amongst the angels!

I recall seeing a TV programme about past lives. Magnus Magnusson, I think, presented it. I was interested enough to buy Jeffrey Iverson's book "More Lives than One" which dealt with the Bloxham Tapes. One account has stayed with me: that of Rebecca, the 12th century Jewess.I found the regressed person's account of Rebecca's impisonment (and death) upsetting.

Comment by TedLancaster on March 7, 2013 at 18:32

Hyah, Maryemm,  If spirits exist and I cannot say if they do or they don't, I see no reason why they should not speak whatever language they knew in life.  All I can do is to relate what I experienced.  It is up to the readers to interpret the stories according to their own lights and beliefs.

As for the Bloxham recordings the opposite side of that story can be found here.


I mentioned earlier that ninety nine percent can be explained in non-paranormal terms. However, that remaining one percent still has my attention and interest.

Comment by Maryemm on March 7, 2013 at 22:45


(Are you the gentleman who downloaded your own compositions on the previous website? I liked one very muc but don't think this new website has the same facility. Pity!.)

Comment by TedLancaster on March 8, 2013 at 11:22

Hyah Maryemm,  Thank you for your kind sentiment regarding my music uploads.  I am indeed he.  You are correct in saying that there no longer is such a facility but if you were to approach Captain Jennie I feel sure she would consider such a request.  She seems a kind caring lady.

Meanwhile, if you may be interested, you will find on the following link an article on the Birmingham Music Archive of Brum City Uni showing pics of me and my bands in the 1960s 70s heyday.


Comment by Maryemm on March 8, 2013 at 12:42

Thank you for the link, Ted. That made interesting reading.

I think Jenny has done marvels to set up this new site but I don't think she has been able to acquire all the "whistles" we had in the other one. Understandable.

I've sorted through my books and have found the paperback I mentioned above. Must read it again.

Hypnosis is a powerful "weapon" (can't think of the word I want).

Comment by TedLancaster on March 8, 2013 at 22:39

Any medical, surgical or psychological procedure may be viewed as a  tool or indeed a weapon in the armoury in the struggle to improve the human condition.

Hypnosis is as valuable an asset as any other.  It is unfortunate that it has been the subject of bad press and lurid film scripts.  Stage hypnotism also has served to create a false image that suggests that people can be controlled against their will.  This detracts from the valuable qualities of a technique that can be helpful for some people in some circumstances.  Not everyone can access the benefits of relaxation and suggestion but some can.  It has its possibilities and its difficulties. This is also true for any medical or surgical procedure yet they still have their place in the armoury.

Comment by Sam on March 9, 2013 at 2:41

Will have to work backwards so 'scuse me if I get out of order  I cant find the posts left but think Ted you said sorry if offended me. I never get offended and no one has said anything to offend maybe its me comes across rahhhhh! as Paddy also thought he offended me. OH DEAR must try to type more serencely.

Maryemm still waiting for your tales of which Im sure you have some you can repeat hahahahaha.  I had hypnosis to stop smoking and it was a weird experience as he took me back to age 5 and although I was fully awake and knew what I was saying and doing I couldnt stop it. I actually spoke like a five year old and cried and pouted and well.... but that was how things were back in the 50's NO NO NO before I give the wrong impression I was not abused! just chastised with a stick or whatever came to hand but I digress. Anyhoo hypnosis stopped me smoking HAZZAR!


Also on that subject still a friend of mine who was a warlock < yep I did say warlock (male white witch) experimented on me as I said I couldnt be hypnotised ( pre smoking hypnosis) He said he wanted me to sit still but when 'under' astral travel (yep I did say astral travel) to the kitchen and tell him how many matched he had taken from the box and how arranged then he would snap me out of the trance and after I had told him to go and see for myself. It happened and I did and I got the right number and shape. Now I saw for myself and still to this day I dont know how but then I have had many happenings I have no explaination for. Like knowing who is on the phone before I picked it up, or the card thing with my friend, or knowing stuff about people without them telling me and NO I am not psychic at all or I would have won the lottery every week. I have experienced astral travel or just very good imagination ha ha ha. I have seen myself looking at me in my bed from the ceiling OK now its time to take my medicine ha ha ha honestly I must appear a nut and no I didnt take drugs so not off my head.... well mmm?

There are so many experiences I have that can only be logically put down to imagination or pure lucky guesses but I hovver on the side of the unknown more than commom sense practicality. I am always prove it first but then I do believe in 'other' things being possible and if I think to hard it hurts so I try never to think too hard. Sorry guys its stupid o'clock and I should be in bed not rambling gobbledegook. I will be back in more attentive mode and we will discuss further the ramifications of spirit V logic.

GOODNIGHT BOTH sweet dreams x

Comment by Maryemm on March 9, 2013 at 11:21

Sam: Sorry, I don't have any more tales. I think we all have an instinct, or some sort of communication which has been eroded over the years.

My husband is a scientist and doesn't believe in "anything" but he does accept that some "co-incidences/happenings" are strange.

 I have no experience of hypnotism though when I am in a car and focusing on the white lines I fall asleep very quickly. You'll be relieved to learn I am not the driver!

Comment by The Crafter on March 11, 2013 at 14:41

This happened way back in 1979 when my daughter Sammy was just a few weeks old, baby was upstairs in her cot and I was down in the kitchen preparing her 10am feed, I was walking towards the stairs, at the same time checking the temperature of her feed on my arm as I walked, when I looked up, to my horror there on the bottom stair was an old tramp looking man, he was wearing an old tatty dark coat that was too big for him and tied up  with some old string, he wore a battered old trilby hat and old black boots. He was staring straight at me and his face was really menacing, time seemed to go really slow, and to my horror I found I couldn't move or scream and I was terrified for my baby girl, all I wanted to do was get to my baby, then I realised that I could see through the mans boots, the rest of him was as solid as you or I, then the rest of him started to fade away and when he had disappeared completely I was able to move again, I'm not sure if I'd been frozen with fear but my instinct to get to the baby was so very strong, but it was as though he was controlling me. As soon as I was able I flew up those stairs and grabbed my baby from her cot and ran outside the house, I didn't know any of the neighbours and had no family locally, but I just couldn't go back in that house alone, so I sat on my door step with the baby until my husband returned at 3pm, my poor little girl was over due her next feed, but no way was I going back in doors, I was so please to see my husband and burst into tears, poor hubby didn't know what was going on. I hated being in the house on my own after that, so hubby bought me a Doberman puppy which in fact made things worse as the puppy would look at the stairs and just growl, I never saw my menacing visitor again and was pleased to move house soon after. About seven years later, we were woken by terrifying screams comming from our daughters bedroom, as we opened her bedroom door Sammy was curled up in the corner of her bed and screaming GET OFF ME!! GET OFF ME!! my husband grabbed her but she was hysterical trying to push whatever was there away from her, at first we thought she just might have had a nightmare, but she wouldn't go back in her own room not even in the day time, a few days later she said, Mum that nasty old man won't come to my room again will he? she went on to describe in every detail the menacing tramp I'd seen all those years before. My lovely Mum passed away in 1998. When she was with us whenever we'd ask her what she wanted for Mothers day or Birthdays she always ask for her favorite perfume LAMONT. A few weeks after she died I was sitting doing some embroidery and my twelve year old son was watching TV, suddenly the room filled with Mums perfume, without turning away from the TV my son said, don't worry Mum it's only Nanny.

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