As an ambulance-man  in the late 1970s, I was no stranger to sudden death. I had even had accident victims die in my arms. But I had never experienced anything remotely para-normal, or even spooky. Until we had an urgent call in the wee small hours, to give assistance to a local GP.

On arrival at the house I was met by the lady doctor, Dr Brown (her real name), who told me that her patient was a very frail old lady, who lived alone. It was explained to me that Dr Brown had made arrangements for the elderly lady to be admitted to a local hospital for care, but the lady was adamant that she would not go. Dr Brown asked me if I could have a go at getting the lady's confidence, and persuading her that, for her own safety, and well-being that she should really let us take her to hospital. 

I sat on the edge of the bed, facing the lady, and began my appeal, but within seconds she stopped me. She took my hand, smiled sweetly, and said, "Oh bless you, son. I know that you are being kind,but I can't go with you." I began to interject to tell her that she could, and that it would be no trouble. But she squeezed my hand so gently and carried on, "No, you don't understand. I CAN'T go with you, I have to go with them." and nodded towards the foot of her bed. "Go with who?" I asked, as I, my colleague, and Dr Brown, all looked, and saw nothing. "Why with the angels , of course, they have just arrived to take me with them." We all looked at each other, sensing that something out of our experience was happening. I began to speak again, when the lady let go of my hand and said "I have to go now, with the angels. They are waiting for me.".At that, the lady closed her eyes and drew one final gentle breath, and peacefully slipped away.

So! What did we witness that night? Was it just a simple, peaceful death of a gentle person who held strong beliefs. Or were we in the presence of angels?

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Hyah Paddy,  Let's hope sincerely that it was the latter.  Looking forward to that.

Paddy: Lots of people believe in angels and I wouldn't try to disabuse them for all the tea in China.

 I have had a near death experience and found the whole thing very calming and peaceful.The feeling lasted for a long time afterwards. Just hope it is like this for everyone.



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