This little black cat kept visiting us

And would not stay away

So now he’s part of our family

Since he came to stay

He creeps on to my bed at night

Putting his wet nose on my face

Waking me up at 3am

And taking up so much space

He loves nothing better than hunting in our field

Watching birds and voles and mice

He brings in his catches as presents for me

And can’t understand when I say it’s not nice

In the evening he climbs upon my lap

Expecting me to fuss him as he sits

Purring away to his heart’s content

Confident we love him to bits!

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like that sounds lovely i like cats as well they can really be great company

Thank you.  Yes, they are great company.  He's snoozing on the settee at the moment!!


my daughter in law has two when we stay they always come and sleep on our bed 

they do not like this weather i bet its very wet and cold here



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