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This group is to cheer up everyone in Lockdown.

Post your handy tips, funny stories, pictures and items to keep us entertained.

Thank you.

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Lockdown Group

This group is to cheer everyone up in Lockdown. Post your handy tips, pictures, stories and items to keep us entertained in the 'Comment Wall' below. Thank you. Jenny, Sixtyplusurfers.

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Comment by 12Michael on April 21, 2020 at 16:41

I live in Anchor -Hanover residential home in Brackley ,Northants .

There has yet to be a outbreak in the building , but some residents are breaking the 2M distance ,and also meeting in  a out of bounds community lounge playing darts , drinking alcoholic drinks and cards some are 80+ years old  who ignore even management rulings   

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on April 21, 2020 at 16:45

Hi Michael, lovely to hear from you.

That's good news that you haven't had an outbreak in your residential home. But it must be hard for you if people are breaking the 2 metres distance rule in social areas.

Perhaps it's best to stay clear of these areas until your management has sorted it out. I expect they'll clamp down soon.

You take care. 

Jenny xx

Comment by Brita Bevis on April 21, 2020 at 17:08

I celebrated my 70th birthday on April 16th. We had a lovely virtual dinner party with two good friend who joined us at our table on their iPads. After dinner, we spent a good evening with a quiz and chatting. It wasn’t the celebration I was planning, but was a very enjoyable evening, thanks to the internet! Here’s my hubby!

Comment by Brita Bevis on April 21, 2020 at 17:09

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on April 21, 2020 at 17:14

Happy Birthday Brita - it's lovely to hear from you. 

Thank you for sharing your pictures. What a great way to celebrate.

It's my birthday today ... shhh .... I've had a lovely day with lots of Facebook messages, and we are planning some family video calls tonight.

People are so kind.

Thank you for brightening up our group. Really great photos.

Take care and warm wishes.

Jenny xx

Comment by Brita Bevis on April 21, 2020 at 17:52

Happy Birthday Jenny, have a lovely rest of the day! ❤️

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on April 21, 2020 at 17:54

Thank you Brita, you too!

Jenny xx

Comment by Silverfox on April 22, 2020 at 11:03

Hello fellow lockdowners.
My wife Pat and I should now be sailing with P&O cruises, but the virus put paid to that. We count our blessings and reflect upon the good times spent cruising and some amazing people we have had the good fortune meet. We have also encountered the occasional grumpy passenger and there have been a few awkward situations, like the one I shall recall here.
We were club dining and sitting next to Pat was a gentleman with rather an unfortunate eating habit. I soon observed that he would speak with his mouth full and as I have a tickled stomach, I tried to look away as much as possible, without appearing ill mannered. Not only did he reveal what he was chewing, but he filled his mouth to full capacity, before munching commenced. He would keep shovelling in, until his cheeks bulged out, in a similar way to a hamster!
Now my wife is good at conversation and she can’t stand long periods of silence. I noticed on occasion, she would engage with this gentleman just as he was approaching full capacity in his mouth and when he responded, a spray of fine food particles would shoot across the table. I told her several times not to make conversation with him, when he was eating his meal, but she didn’t listen and on one occasion, I faced a most unfortunate situation. Our dining colleague was eating a main course of fish chips and peas, when I noticed he was tucking in to large quantities of garden peas. He was using his inverted fork like a shovel and his cheeks seemed fit to burst, when, you’ve guessed it, Pat spoke to him, and a shower of particles came zooming in my direction leaving my face feeling as if it had been pebble dashed with munched up peas. My stomach did a couple of contractions, but I somehow managed to keep composure as I reached for my napkin to wipe away the splatter. Rest assured that my missus took a real ear bashing afterwards, but she only laughed it off!!

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on April 22, 2020 at 11:16

Hello Silverfox, lovely to hear from you. We are also great fans of cruises, and our recent cruise to Norway sadly had to be cancelled.

Great story, I can see you've had some amazing cruises, and lots of 'interesting' company along the way.

Thank you for cheering up our page.

Warm wishes to you and Pat.

Jenny xx

Comment by Silverfox on April 23, 2020 at 11:23

                                    Henrietta on Holiday
In the 1980s, we had a pet tortoise named Henrietta, and each summer we would take her on a camping holiday to Tydweiliog in North Wales. We always stayed at the same campsite, which we christened Farmer Johnnies Field.
One particular year, I had tethered Henrietta to a tent peg with a length of string, and maybe I had been negligent in tying the knot, but somehow, she managed to escape. I was ridiculed by my wife Pat and our two young children, who were very upset at the prospect of never seeing Henrietta again.
I felt most embarrassed as I visited each tent around the site, asking whether anyone had seen a tortoise. I remember one guy looking me in the eye and saying, “A What?”
To our relief, a lady found Henrietta half a mile from the site and she visited Farmer Johnnies to see whether she belonged to any of the camper’s present. You can imagine our euphoria when we were reunited with our reptile friend, and once again, the family were now speaking to Dad.
The following day, Farmer Johnnie came to visit our tent and he asked to see Henrietta, who was now being safely contained inside our tent, in a large cardboard box. I lifted Henrietta onto the grass and engaged in conversation with Farmer Johnnie. It was approaching time for our evening meal and I decided to take a shower before we sat down to our supper. I was in the shower when, ’shock of horrors’ I realised I had forgotten to place Henrietta back into her box. I dried my self as quickly as possible and ran as fast as I was able to check on Henrietta, but alas she had gone!
I didn’t know what to say to the family, rather, I made my way once again around the campsite asking if anyone had seen Henrietta. One guy looked at me in disgust and said, “Not you again?”
Back at the tent, the children who had now discovered Henrietta’s second disappearance were in tears and Pat was very cross to say the least.
I searched around the nearby fields, but there was not a sign of Henrietta and it was as if my whole life had fallen apart. With no alternative but to return to the tent, I started looking in silly places, but then, as I turned back one of the tent ground flaps, there sat Henrietta with her head well hidden within her shell. I couldn’t believe my luck and once more we were a reunited and a happy family.
Thereafter, for the remainder of the holiday, I was forbidden from going anywhere near Henrietta, and that proved to be a good thing, as at the finish of our family holiday, we all returned home safely to Worksop!

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