If we can get 10 like minded 60+ members together and form an interactive competition club where we can send each other competitions that need friends to share to boost entries. We might all win a few more comps.

I have joined the face book Competition club and up to Christmas I was being sent up to 180 advent comps daily. the high value ones all needed a share so you could boost your entries.

Now that Christmas is here the comps sent to me will be around 50 to 100 .these also include Twitter comps.

These are simple to enter. go to https://twitter.com/signup and make yourself a member (open an account)

Then when a twitter comp lands in your twitter account it will flag up in your email in box. go to twitter and follow the sender and retweet the tweet.

But Jenny might be able to simplify this within the bounds of 60+

Give me your feed back


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That's a good idea though I get most of my competitions from the Prizefinder and tend not to enter holiday ones.  Also not over keen on being on twitter (the last bastion I'm holding out on)..

If you feel Twitter is a load of twitter then you hang onto your last stand.

But you have answered my question if you are onPrizefinder and I am on the competiton club and then we had some one on simply prizes , Just Comps and coffee time comps we could pool the best comps and perhaps win big time ???



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