I am in the process of finishing the 2 cakes off, 1 for my daughter and 1 for a friend, I have also made from the Movie maker, discs of each individual grandchild with animations, photos and little messages for each of them, I think they are very sweet and will last forever I hope.

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We'd love to see some pictures of your finished cakes, they sound delicious.

Will send pictures when they are iced and prettied up

They sound lovely, I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Christine:  I'm no good at decorating cakes; they always end up as "snow scenes" , but I quite enjoy creating DVD's for friends. I did one for my neighbour showing images of her little daughter from babyhood, and she cried! No, not because it was that bad,  but with Nat King Cole singing ""What a Wonderful World"  in the background it  was quite touching. All credit to movie maker software!

I reckon your discs will be cherished.

Hello Maryemm, on the cake decorating I cant use an icing thingy I just spread icing over and with a warm spoon I spread it out into shapes then it sets. As for the dvd`s its fun isnt it making pictures move and especially with children on you have loads of music going for you, My great grandson 3 months old I made his mom one, it started with Twinkle twinkle then it went to to The night garden and finished with Georgiee Porgie as his name is George, Jeff the captain added animations with Santa and fireworks and Georges mom cried  as well. Keep up the good work. Happy new year.

 Your discs "sound" a lot more sophisticated than mine. Bet they were really appreciated.


All the best for 2013



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