Whats on your Bucket list and what have you crossed off.

crossed one of mine of after going to see Judith Durham and the Seekers

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I would like to see Cher.  I think I missed her in St Louis . she will be in chicago in Oct but it would be very pricey. It mite be cheaper to go see her in ?Vegas.  Has anyone seen her live>


I've liked Cher since she used to sing with her hubby, Sonny.  

I've never seen her live, but it would be nice.  Was fortunate enough to go to Vegas, but Cher was never in concert there when we spent a week there.

Been to Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville, but of course no Cher there.

Wonder if she's ever been over here to England.

Visiting Guernsey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Settle to Carlisle Railway.

Settle to Carlisle railway. Guernsey, Isles of Wight & Man.

I'd like to see my book published and my song (on YouTube) recorded properly and I'd like to live long enough to see a cure for MS.

Good luck to everyone with their bucket lists and I heartily agree with the cure for MS (my mother had it).  I read in today's paper that there is a new theory that large doses of vitamin D might help with this horrible illness (not that there are any nice illnesses).

I don't have a bucket list but would have liked to have done more writing before all inspiration dried up.



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