Tell us what you enjoy most about being retired?

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Retired 4 years ago. Best thing ever......I now swin/sauna and use the steam room 3 times a week .taken up French boules. play once a week in all weathers, even when its raining......recently started carpet bowls 3 times a week.good fun.lots of laughs and 3 hours of enjoyment. I also took up painting, acrylic and water colour. That can be enjoyed up to 4 hours a day. just stop when you get hungry. I`n now in the magic circle, that`s something to keep your mind active. There`s lots more I do.  I can recommend  retirement to everyone, keep busy,keep active and keep it fun. 

That sounds great, you are doing so many different things.

The magic circle sounds fun, I'm sure with all those hobbies you are keeping fit and healthy too. :)

Yes, I`ve written what a clever active chap I am but I know its not easy visiting these clubs when you are by yourself.....Just like to say to  single people, get out there, go to a club you like the look of. I guarantee they will welcome you. They have people in the clubs designated for such occasions. Soon as I visited the bowls clubs they put some woods in my hand and said "go on try and get it near the jack,,, The magic club introduced me to everyone and I was bombarded with magicians showing off in front of me for weeks. It was the same with the art classes. they sat me down, gave me some pencils and paper and asked me to draw anything. within 30 minutes I was given advice and made friends …..Most of you are in the same boat. Go and enjoy it. After the first 5 minutes you will think you have been there for months.Go for it..

Thank you for the advice, Patrington. I go to ballroom classes and it's just the same, everyone is friendly, whether you go by yourself or with a partner. So readers, do go out and try something new, you'll have a great time. Jenny :)



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