Tell us what you enjoy most about being retired?

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We have been retired now for eight years, had we have stayed in our own home,( which I hated but wifey was happy enough there), I think we would have drifted apart, by that I mean I had become bored with retirement, nothing to do, basically lazy, whereas wifey had expanded her golfing pleasures by going on a regular basis and she had become one of the girls.

But prior to retirement I had suggested we sell up and move to France, (from the U.K.) in order to expand our lifetyles etc, she of course was totally against it, but eventually a push became a shove and I said  if she didn't want to come with me then we sell the bungalow I will take  a small amount, enough to be able to buy little place, she realised I was serious and eventually decided to give it a go ---------- that was just over six years ago ---------

Neither of us spoke French and although we had visited at times on holiday we knew very little about anything.  Now I am one of these people that once having made my mind up will do things irrespective of what others say --- we arrived here in a beautiful rural area of western France and every day has been a terrific experience, my wife once having lived here decided it was truly the best move we ever made.

My French linguistics started at zero and are now at roughly 30% of understanding, I have even suggested to my wife we have a holiday break, and her reply is ----WHY???? ---- we have a pool, we live in a wonderful area, the local people are truly very nice peple, the small town we shop in, (pop roughly 3500) has all the amenities and life here is just perfect for the two of us.


So you ask ---- what do we enjoy most about retirement ----  well I think I may have just answered that.

 Well we have been retired over 20 years now so guess we are qualified to answer Jenny's query.

 It's the chance to get to really know each other we found surprising. When one is first married most of us work so we often see more of colleagues than we do our other half. Now, suddenly, we are together 24 hours and, for some of our friends it appears to have been a culture shock.

Now there is time to do all the things we wanted to do but even these change over the years. I love the fact I can sit in front of a fire with a book without feeeling guilty. I tackle housework at strange hours of the day. We get up far later than we used to.

 Dollie: Why not place a card in the local shop/supermarket to ask if there are people in a similar situation to yours who would welcome the occasional cup of coffee and a chat? 


22opa94lsz885:  Well I've been re-studying Latin for four years and have made lots of friends in the US as a result. Might try Italian next, though esperanti sounds a lot easier. Good for you and Mrs 22 ; enjoy your French retreat.

Do I recommend retirement. I certainly do!

It's lovely to hear about how you are enjoying your retirement and studying Latin. We'd love to hear from more readers who are retired. Jenny

Being aimless

To tell you the truth, although I am well past the age of retirement I am still working full-time. But because I enjoy the work, I am happy.
Murray Jacobs 

Am finding it difficult to cope with having been retired now for only 6 months or so. My golf is getting worse so that's been a blow, I can't seem to just relax as I've always been someone who needs something going on in my life, meeting customers, working on projects, developing new products etc.

I thought I would be able to 'chill out' a bit and take things slower but it doesn't seem to be working, maybe it's something that will eventually happen?

I look forward to reading the other comments.

What I enjoy the most is not getting up at 4:30 am any more. It was difficult to began with, but did not take long for me to get over that feeling. Like you Duckhook. Did not like not being busy. Have to stay busy at doing something. I worked for Ford Motor Co, and worked the line. Just find something to keep you busy. Good Luck to you. I make quilts, sewing all the time, which is my hobby.  Good Luck, I love it.

Having a bus pass is a plus point.

The best thing?

Being able to get up when I want - though never late - and not to have to rush to get a train to central London, or to sit on the M25 on the way to an appointment. I went back into London recently. I was prepared for the busy-busy atmosphere, the crowds, etc., but I wasn't prepared for how noisy it was - beeps here, buzzes there, announcements etc. A world away from the sanctity of life here, with the sound of the sea being a distant background relaxant.

Deep joy!

Playing golf three times a week, and not rushing any jobs around the house or garden, all the time in the world to finish them  . going on holiday 3 or 4 times a year at a time that suits me.  

It's great to be able to give the amount of time to my allotments that I'd really like to. To be able to see my veg growing coolly from the ground, without having to search for them in amongst the weeds,

And then, to be able to pick them, take them home, and eat them within the hour of picking them - currently potatoes, broad beans, and broccoli, with strawberries to follow. The smell of the former bread tray, as I take it, loaded with veg, back to the car, with a bunch of pinks for the flower vase, is an amazing result from my labours; much more than I'd get from expending similar energy at a gym!

I love to not have to "clock watch" all the time.

We live in Kent.  Love spending time with my husband and doing things / going places together.   Nice sometimes to decide on the spur of the moment to get in the car and just drive somewhere, even if it's only in to the local town.  Most of the time we can just do what we want, when we want.  Bus pass is so handy too.



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