Lets see how many of us will be on line at midnight tonight, just to share the new year with someone, we could toast each other with the drink of our choice, mine will be a cup of tea.

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Just in case I'm not up I'll wish you a Happy & Healthy New year now.  I'm often awake at midnight anyway but usually in bed reading or listening to my ipod.

Hope you don't get too much noise Dollie.  We live in a quite quiet road but there will be some fireworks.

 New Years Eve makes me sad so we stay up until 11 and that's it. We celebrate on New Years Day with the family.

At the moment the sky is blue and the sun is bright. I hope that augurs well for 2013.

Today the sun was shining here, I thought what a good start to 2013, but now its pouring down again. I dont like new year either, brings back memories.

Happy New Year everyone, and lovely to see that you all had a chat on New Year's Eve.

Let's hope 2013 is a very good year, and look forward to seeing you all on the Chat page.




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