I found this site in a panic just after I had turned 60 I was having a major wobble about the whole thing, who wants to be 60 it seems so old. I'm old enough to realise that time runs away so quickly so 10 years will come around in the blink of an eye then ill be 70 and that is old. Well that's what was going through my head at the time. To top it all i started to notice that my joints had gone from feeling warm to feeling hot and sore in the morning, even with glasses my eyes ached if i read to much. Iv gone from loving parties to hating them ( i had to pretend to enjoy my 60th party organised by my children) I'm the oldest person at work. So I was hoping for some reassurance really. Then the day after I joined and a week after my 60th while i was feeling sorry for myself my dad died, quietly, without fuss,alone. I'm starting to come to terms with the shock. On the one hand I think 'ooh stop thinking and better start living. on the other I feel anxious about the generation above me who have loved me all their lives and who's lives are drawing to a close. Scary I haven't felt so emotional since I was a teenager.

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I'm sorry about your father and of course it makes one think about loss and mortality in general but it sounds as if you have childen who love you and that can be a great comfort. It would be surprising if you weren't emotional at such a time.

My husband was 70 this year and he felt like you while I, at a mere 69, am not bothered now.  Even with the joint pains etc. and preferring my home to going out I somehow kid myself I'm young at heart.  I felt my worst when I became 50 as that seemed a really big turning point and I was older than my father had been before he died.

I do hope you will soon feel better.

Sorry to here about your dad. I am now 70 and retired 6 months or so, as I have a young family 2 daughters 15 and 18 I am
still pretty active especially as we have just helped our eldest to move to her university at Cambridge.

However, I do think about the future and how long I will be around to see the girls make their own way in the world. Sometimes I feel positive and think that there is still plenty of living to do, other times I feel a bit morose and despondent but try to dispel these thoughts as quick as I can as there is still so much to do.

You are only 60 so enjoy your life, as they say it's for living. Remember that we all get one go at it, so no regrets only positive thoughts from now on!

V. Best of luck.

Well I am 61 and loving it, just started to lose a bit of weight and feeling much better for it, we have just re homed a flat coated retriever the walking helping towards the weight loss.

Two grandchildren to look after full time so can pretend I'm young again, swings,slides, sandcastles.

Just enjoying it.

 I also am sorry to read about your loss. Guess these happenings  are inevitable but they still hurt.


Must say I had to laugh when I read all the posts here. Old at 60? Come on! I am now 83 and still have my own teeth and original-coloured hair (mouse). I have outlived my parents and sister and still miss them. In my mind they still live and I'm grateful for all the happy and loving times we shared together.

Age is a state of mind, mind over matter. I don't mind, so it doesn't matter. I do believe in positive thinking and in visualisation so, I tell my mirror image I am pushing 70. Sometimes it works although my husband's new camera at times takes convincing. If the image is a good one I tell him it's because my heart is pure. LOL.

I believe I have said this before but I make a point of mixing with people who should have gone to Specsavers!!





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