Sky scam warning from a Sixtyplus idiot

Just received a phone call from 'Sky' about renewing the card that goes into the machine.  Felt dubious and voiced my concerns that this was being done over the phone. She asked me to confirm my sort code which from memory was incorrect and she picked up on that and I finally gave her my bank account number but nothing else. She also explained how to put the new card in when I receive it. Husband (from his sick bed) queried what I had done so I rang Sky (now why didn't  do that first) and was told it was a scam.  Rang bank who were very reassuring and said they couldn't do much with those details apart from set up a DD and put me on text alert for a large sums going in or out and warned me about giving out card details.  If anything untoward happens I'm to let them know and it will be sorted out and money refunded.

Still slightly shaky refused offer of cheap home insurance from bank. 

Just thought I'd let you know in case anyone else might be taken in by a call like this.  

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Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on February 2, 2014 at 11:35

Thank you very much for the Scam Warning. How terrible that people can do these dreadful things.
I have had a lot of nasty calls recently, one telling me that I was involved in a car accident, another that they have mended my computer (wasn't broken).

Luckily scam callers tend to have a problem pronouncing my surname 'Itzcovitz' so I can usually tell pretty quickly when they are about to try something on. But your one sounded very realistic.

You were very sensible to call your bank so quickly. I hope these fraudsters get caught - and very quickly!


Comment by Maryemm on March 2, 2014 at 13:13

Jenny, the accident scam call sounds really horrific. New one on me also.

When I get cold calls I pretend I am very deaf and keep asking them to "speak up". Have even had them put the phone down on me! Love that!!

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