Until recently, I have been somewhat sceptical about online chatting, maybe from a shyness angle, or possibly by just being a tad suspicious about someone's motive  in wanting to chat to a complete stranger. I suppose that for a lonely person, the opportunity of a little friendly chat can be rewarding and I suppose I can appreciate a benefit from some social interaction albeit over the airwaves being a substitute for face to face communication.

I joined the social media site Buzz 50, but I was soon barred for inadvertently promoting my published works. Not one to give up, I then joined another site by the name 'Senior Chatters' and in no time, I was having meaningful chatting sessions with  individuals from far flung places around the World. I then realised that this site involves free online chatting facilities for an initial 14 day period, and thereafter, if you wish to continue, there are fees to be paid for their on-going services.

As a pensioner of limited means, I thought to myself, I'll give Sixtyplusurfers a go as the chatting services they provide are apparently FOC! Now the problem I face is that every time I have logged in to the site, I have been the only member online and I don't fancy chatting to myself, one it will be boring, and two, its not going to broaden my knowledge!

If anyone out there fancies a chat about this or that, please send me a message and then we can arrange a time to get started. I don't know whether it's me, but there doesn't seem to be as much general activity taking place on the Sixtyplusurfers website, which is a great pity as its free and well organised. 

I was chatting away merrily the other morning to a well known ex-member of Sixtyplusurfers who resides in Canada and she said the reason she cancelled her membership was due to a decline in general activity. There is an old saying I've heard many times before which goes, "Use it or lose it", and I guess it applies equally here as well as with other matters!    


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Comment by Silverfox on February 17, 2018 at 10:29

I've logged in to this site most days since making my post, and on each and every occasion, I have been the only member online, so I'm still chatting to myself! 

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on February 28, 2018 at 13:22

Hi Silverfox

Apologies has all been quiet on chat page - have been working behind scenes on launch of a new 'redesign' for Sixtyplusurfers. All being well - will go live late tomorrow morning.

Hopefully then readers will 'flock back' to our chat page.

Will keep you posted.

Jenny xx

Comment by Silverfox on February 28, 2018 at 13:53

Hello Jenny

Many thanks for your response, which is much appreciated. I'll look forward to your 'Sixtyplusurfers' redesign model and the opportunity of chatting with  some fellow members.

Best regards

Silverfox xx

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