Stewart Miller's superb pictures of Scarborough were very nostalgic for me.  I was born and grew up here.  The picture of the hungry gull shows the very spot where, as an adventurous but somewhat misguided young varmint I used to play 'depth charge' at this time of the year.  It wasn't long after the end of World War ll and fireworks, which had been non existent for some time, were just coming back onto the market.  Children's games had for a while been war-combat based, racing around with arms outstretched to the sides, making Spitfire engine and machine gun noises, manufacturing flying bombs from clothes pegs with a fitted flight like a dart and with a match-head as the explosive pay load.  They made quite a crack as they hit the ground after being lobbed high into the air.  The depth charge entailed tying a banger firework to a small rock, lighting the blue touch paper and waiting for the fuse to fizz before dropping it into the sea at this very spot.  The rock would pull the whole contraption to the sea bed still fizzing underwater and exploding on the bottom with a great bubble of smoke that came wobbling up to the surface.  It is sometimes difficult to understand how I still have all my fingers intact.  Great days.

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