i am again de-cluttering and this time have high hopes of really getting somewhere.

I bought a book written by a Japanese woman who really inspired me and I have managed, so far, to fill 5 sacks with clothes, and boxes with around 120 books. These have gone but the hallway is filling up with yet more books and odds and ends. Why on earth did I get all these things?I don't really need any of them. 

I used to tackle the place room by room but this time I am following a certain procedure starting with clothes and moving on to books and papers and then "miscellaneous". The latter will prove really irksome!

As the items are going to charity shops I feel I am contributing some money towards worthy causes. 

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Comment by judylow on July 25, 2016 at 21:51

Well done  Mary.  I've had a small heap of clothes on the bedroom floor for ages and still haven't managed to take them to a charity shop and Brian has carrier bags full of books (I find it harder to dispose of my books) tucked behind an armchair in our garden room.  We must make an effort as they are just adding to the clutter and doing nobody any good.

Comment by Silverfox on July 26, 2016 at 11:47

Hello Mary & Judy

Pat and I had to de-clutter big time, when we moved from our 4 bed family home to a 2 bed apartment with no garage, and just a single parking space.

I had converted our garage into a workshop when I retired and it was full of all sorts. We realised that we would need to part with a lot of stuff, but I made a bold suggestion that in principle, we part with almost the entire contents of the house and garage and start again. We began by asking our children what they would like and we were delighted when they gladly accepted virtually all our furniture, which we had taken great care of. As this is likely to be our last home, we both thought it would be exciting to start all over again, and this we have done. The second bedroom is now my study in which we have had fitted units to provide additional storage space. There is a place for everything but everything now has to be in its place, otherwise the apartment looks cluttered.

Thoughout our married life we have accumulated a large collection of Beswick ornaments and we both decided this would go with us so our son took away our wooden display units and we purchased a glass corner unit which now accommodates all 92 pieces.

We had a dish washer and a refrigerator already fitted into the new kitchen area, and we managed to squeeze a washer/dryer and an upright freezer into the small utility room, which also houses my compact tool box, the ironing board, and Pats new super clothes iron.

With no loft to store our suitcases, they now  fit under the bed and no-one would ever no they were there. It was a bit inconvenient at first, because our new settee and chair was on a 10 week delivery from Italy, so we sat on deck chairs for that period and I had the box that our new 3 in 1 mini cooker came in to stand my nightly gin & tonic on.

Some might think it's sad parting with most of your possessions, but we had great fun, seeing the vast majority of it going to a good home. Some might also think that we don't value material items but I don't agree. Pat thinks I'm a bit potty, because there are two items that I insisted had to come along to our new home. One is a little yellow plastic duck which I took from a hotel in China where I stayed on numerous occasions, and a Gorilla cuddly toy which some of Pats work friends took to our Son's bedside in 1990 when he lay in a coma following a near fatal head injury. For many years that gorilla was tucked away in a cupboard it the garage, but when I was de-cluttering crazy, I decided this fearsome ape should have pride of place in my study, and he now sits beside my desk upon a bar stool, keeping an aye on what I'm doing at my computer!! 

Keep de-cluttering & have a nice day - Silverfox   

Comment by Maryemm on July 26, 2016 at 18:48

Judy: Continuing with the process. It's slow but I am determined to get somewhere this time. 

Books are my Achilles hee! I have just read "Help" for the fourth time before donating it. Have all Terry Pratchett p/bs and lots of hardbacks ; all of Lindsey Davis p/b and hardbacks. I also have a Kindle and a Kindle Fire but it's not the same as holding (and smelling) a "real" book!

Japanese author says we have to thank everything we give away for being part of our lives!

Silverfox:  Inspiring words. Alas we are too old to start afresh and downstairs is as we want it to be. Upstairs? No. Too full of clutter. Because we have the space,offspring tend to offload the things they don't want to store but want to hang on to. Tiny Tears and Hamish the Dog will have to go!

Today I cleared out two drawers full of "Miscellaneous" items. Feel really pleased. 

Comment by Maryemm on December 5, 2016 at 14:45

Oh dear! Still not cleared clutter. Lots gone but lots remain.

Today got out some of the Christmas decoration hidden away in storage space. Room looks as if it has been bombed! No one will be allowed upstairs! Not even Santa.

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