I have used Morrison's stores in many parts of the country and found the staff to be very friendly and co-operative. However, in my local Kidderminster store about a week ago there was an interesting offer on 'made to order' pizzas and I asked the serving lady for some help in choosing the toppings. 
She replied quite disdainfully, 'I don't eat pizza so I wouldn't know.' 
A younger lady came across and was very helpful so I went along with her suggestions.
The first lady made the pizza and put a sheet of plastic film over it and placed it in the sealing machine. A few moments later she took it out and placed it directly into my hands.
The plastic film was extremely hot from the sealer and began to burn my fingers. As there was no counter top I was unable to put it down and it continued to burn my fingers causing a deal of pain and distress.
I complained to the lady who replied quite sharply, 'Well I did SAY it was hot', seeming to imply that not only was the situation my fault but that I was also somewhat stupid. 
She may well have said something but what she did not do was to ensure that I understood just HOW hot the plastic was nor did she make any attempt to ensure that I would not be burned.
I found the entire incident painful, embarrassing, humiliating and totally inexcusable.
I have no wish to cause this lady any distress but I would consider a training course in customer relations to be entirely appropriate.

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Comment by judylow on August 28, 2013 at 17:01

How rude.  As you said, Morrisons usually give a good service though no supermarket does it as well as Waitrose.

Comment by Jenny Itzcovitz on August 31, 2013 at 10:24

That's terrible service, how rude and unkind. Did you complain at all? Many years ago I had bad service at a tea restaurant at Waitrose, I sent a letter to the manager, and I had a swift apology letter, together with a letter giving me another free tea to the same value. It might be worth writing in to the manager, they would be interested to hear about how rude their staff are.

Comment by TedLancaster on September 1, 2013 at 18:21

The post that I made here is a copy of what I placed on Morrison's Face Book and on mine.  Needless to say it rapidly disappeared from their site and they have been contacting my email and phone ever since.  They offered the usual compensatory bribes which I declined.  I do not require to be paid off nor do I want revenge.  I just want reassurance that some other old bird won't suffer a similar episode.  

A positive note did emerge from the incident.  I am in contact with a handful of the old lags that I had the privilege of teaching in my special education days.  One of them contacted me after he typically found the whole thing hilariously amusing.  He had coined the slogan, 'Don't eat pizzas.  They can cause damage to fingers and public relations.'   After forty years he just hasn't changed.  God bless him.

Comment by judylow on September 1, 2013 at 22:39

I expect the rude member of staff got a good ticking off.

Comment by judylow on September 10, 2013 at 22:33

You experiences at Waitrose Jenny shows no one is perfect but at least they put it right.  Actually they did lose a rug my friends ordered but one of the men in the shop offered to look in the storeroom (in a different building) and he found it.  My friend wrote a letter complaining about the warehouse and praising the man who found it.  She received £30 pounds in vouchers.

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