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A truly amazing child.

Where or when has this beautiful child possibly had the time or opportunity to acquire this astounding talent?

It has been suggested that she is the re incarnated Maria Callas.  

I am unable to comment on that but neither can I explain the phenomenon which this little girl presents.

Whether or not you are a fan of such TV Talent shows you would be well advised to view this clip.  

I will be surprised if it does not astound you.…


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Nan's Pumpkin.

Every year our grandaughter, Amy, buys a pumpkin and comes around to our house where she spent a great deal of her childhood, to carve out a Halloween pumpkin for her Nan. Here is this year's finished item. She is very arty and I think she has a real talent.…


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Stewart Miller's superb pictures of Scarborough were very nostalgic for me.  I was born and grew up here.  The picture of the hungry gull shows the very spot where, as an adventurous but somewhat misguided young varmint I used to play 'depth charge' at this time of the year.  It wasn't long after the end of World War ll and fireworks, which had been non existent for some time, were just coming back onto the market.  Children's games had for a while been war-combat based, racing around with…


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Customer Relations.

I have used Morrison's stores in many parts of the country and found the staff to be very friendly and co-operative. However, in my local Kidderminster store about a week ago there was an interesting offer on 'made to order' pizzas and I asked the serving lady for some help in choosing the toppings. 

She replied quite disdainfully, 'I don't eat pizza so I wouldn't know.' 

A younger lady came across and was very…


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Potted History Rambles

Burt's Potted History Rambles.

Ted Lancaster is known as "Burt" to his ex Royal Navy pals.

I had done a lot of stage drama work in Junior School and was the teacher's pet in all acting productions. None of this surfaced at Secondary School. Not until Teachers' Training College, my subsequent school teaching career and The Citizens' Theatre did I become involved in…


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A Sad but True Tale Of Misguided Inner Cleanliness

Health and Safety Warning:-

This is not a tale suitable for those of faint heart, delicate constitution or sensitive stomach.

A piece in the Middlesbrough Gazette recalling the days of the magnificent public slipper baths in the town center reminded me of an article that I produced some years ago for the edification and horrification of my old Royal Navy pals on the occasion of our fifty year reunion.

I reproduce it here for your perusal and delectation.

A Sad but…


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The Rum Runner Katz

The Rum Runner Katz

A Brief History of the Celebrated 60s Rock Band

Any worried band member earnestly consulting his dog-eared copy of the Birmingham A to Z in the mid 1960s may have noticed a little street called King Edward's Place. It ran from King Edward's Road to Broad Street between the George Hotel and the Tow Rope greasy-spoon cafe. None of these exist any more. The George, then a popular jazz club is now The 80s Bar. An old street sign still bears the name, King…


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