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i am again de-cluttering and this time have high hopes of really getting somewhere.

I bought a book written by a Japanese woman who really inspired me and I have managed, so far, to fill 5 sacks with clothes, and boxes with around 120 books. These have gone but the hallway is filling up with yet more books and odds and ends. Why on earth did I get all these things?I don't really need any of them. 

I used to tackle the place room by room but this time I am following a certain…


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Richard lll

 Did anyone watch last night's documentary on the finding of Richard lll's body in a car park? I thought it made great viewing and the 90 minutes just flew by.

I have always thought Henry Vll and his mother were responsible for the murders of the Princes in the Tower . The Tudors certainly were a ruthless lot and tyrants in the bargain.

Anyone from Leicester here who has followed the excavation and the story?

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 No, it's not a warning regarding a PC Virus. This time, it's one of the old fashioned bugs doctors can't do anything about.

I' m still suffering after a week and wouldn't wish this on anyone. Don't know if it has a "name" but it's a fine start to 2013.

My father used to say, "It's not the cough that carries you off ; it's the coffin they carry you off in!" Not so sure about the first part of that saying at the moment!.

Have YOU been ill? If so, what's your…


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 Happy New Year when it arrives!

What are you hoping the new year will bring ...........(that you don't already have?)

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Where are you?

 It is great to see so many members signing on, or re-registering with the brand-new Sixtyplus surfers site. However I am still puzzled why so few people are around. Where are you all?

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 I take it we no longer have access to the old website, Jenny?

 What has happened to our photographs and blogs?


Added by Maryemm on December 16, 2012 at 13:06 — 5 Comments

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