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This group is for people who want to have a good 'moan' about things that annoy them such a bad grammar, call centres, traffic wardens etc ..... anything which drives you mad.

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Started by Doubledecker Feb 8, 2014. 0 Replies

I hate the very widespread practice of pricing items in 9’s is an obvious attempt to fool you into thinking they are actually much cheaper than they are, and is an insult to your…Continue

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Comment by stillahippie on January 27, 2015 at 21:20

A gotcha!

I took my ebay parcels to the post office, and got past the usual 'what's in it' routine successfully.

My dear friend behind the counter told me I should have written the return address on the parcel.

I had, and she had put the big parcel postage label all over it. Non-profuse apologies came my way. A smile was too much to expect.

Ha! Gotcha!

Comment by Alanb on September 25, 2015 at 10:48

Over the past few months, I have inquired of a few companies view their website contact us page about either their products or some advice on using them. Not one of them bothered to reply and as such went elsewhere. It's a small wonder that business in this country is going downhill! 

Comment by stillahippie on November 10, 2015 at 19:37

Yet again I've received an insurance renewal quote at a far higher price than last year, this time for contents insurance. Do they think we're all a load of dafties who will just pay up without thinking any more?

I rang the insurance company, having an array of better quotes on the laptop screen in front of me.

There was no attempt to justify the renewal quote as being far superior to the opposition, just a calm acceptance that they'd been sussed, with no apology for the overcharge, which was by 30%.

Watchdog et al expose fraudsters every week who con a few people out of thousands of pounds. The insurance companies, by the means explained above, con thousands of people out of a few pounds every week. This tots up to an enormous amount of unjustified income that they are conning the unwary out of.

When I was young (remember then?) banks and insurance companies were highly respected organisations who you could trust unflinchingly. Nowadays they're a bunch of horsetraders.*

*So they don't take me to court, this is my opinion. It's also my opinion that many others will agree!!!

Comment by stillahippie on January 26, 2016 at 22:45

Here's a good one for you.

I was cold called today.

"Hello there!"

"Mrs Fox?"

"No." (should be easy, I've got a very low voice, and I'm not even Mr Fox).

"Mrs Fox, I'm from (something like Sheltered Living), are you over 70, worried about your financial future, and living in TN38?"

"Well I'm not, unless you pay for a sex change for me, find me a new home, and hang on for five years, The list you're phoning me from is a load of row-locks, go and get a new one."


"Simple really.... just go and fornicate elsewhere." (edited version)

How do I get rid of cold calls for someone who isn't the account holder of the line (but presumably was at some time?)

Comment by The Crafter on January 31, 2016 at 19:39

I sent for the forms for the RSPB bird watch day which was for yesterday and today 30th-31st Jan.

Out of my kitchen window I can see my neighbours huge berry tree/shrub and for weeks now we've had loads of birds coming to feed on the red berries, Red wings, parrots, finches, black birds pigeons, just loads and loads of all kinds of birds, but yesterday and today not a single birdie to be seen. Do you think they know we're counting them?

Comment by Marion Langham on April 2, 2019 at 11:09

One of my bugbears is people - even broadcasters! - who don't know when to use  'you and I'  and 'you and me'.

For example, would you say . . . 'it doesn't apply to you and I'  or would you say  . . 'it doesn't apply to you and me'?

To find out the correct form, leave out the 'you'.  So, would you say 'it doesn't apply to I'  or would you say  'it doesn't apply to me'?

Correct answer is - It doesn't apply to you and me.

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