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  • Short Stories Group

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 21, 2020

    Welcome to the Short Stories Group.

    Please write your stories in the Comment Wall Below.

  • Collectors Corner

    9 members Latest Activity: May 4, 2014

    This group is for people who like collecting things

  • Afternoon Tea Group

    31 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    Welcome to the Afternoon Tea Group.

    This group is especially for our competition to win Afternoon Tea for Two at Home with Piglet's Pantry…

  • Grumpy Corner

    9 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2019

    This group is for people who want to have a good 'moan' about things that annoy them such a bad grammar, call centres, traffic wardens etc .....…

  • Sailors

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 9, 2020

    This group is for people who have a boat or enjoy sailing


    16 members Latest Activity: Apr 3, 2017

    For anyone who has experienced something not of this realm or seen or felt a presence.

  • Actors & Amateur Dramatics

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2014

    This group is for any actors, both professional and amateur

  • Book Worms

    30 members Latest Activity: Dec 9, 2017

    Tell us about your favourite book and why you like it

  • Grandparents' group

    11 members Latest Activity: May 6, 2020

    Grandparents Group is for people to share their love and affection for their grandchildren

  • Widows & Widowers

    8 members Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2014

    This group is for readers who have lost a loved one

  • Photography

    17 members Latest Activity: Jul 13, 2018

    The Photography Group is for readers who are keen on photography to upload their pictures and to discuss their ideas and views

  • Lockdown Group

    9 members Latest Activity: May 22, 2020

    This group is to cheer up everyone in Lockdown.

    Post your handy tips, funny stories, pictures and items to keep us…

  • Interesting Youtube Postings

    5 members Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2020

    This is a group where you can put up links to interesting postings on Youtube for example music videos, funny videos, recipes, crafts etc.…

  • Favourite Places

    9 members Latest Activity: Jan 30

    Tell us about your favourite place to visit such as a museum you like, art gallery, stately home, local park, beach, harbour or other place of…

  • Recipes and Cookery

    9 members Latest Activity: Jul 7, 2017

    This group is for people who enjoy cooking and baking

  • Travellers

    16 members Latest Activity: May 21, 2017

    This group caters for those who like to get around and see the world

  • Competition Fans

    16 members Latest Activity: Feb 4, 2019

    Competition Fans is for lovers of competitions to share their successes [or failures] with others

  • Making friends online

    9 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2019

    Making friends online is a group to enable our members to chat with each other and become friends, wherever they are.

  • Senior Moments

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2020

    Tell us about your 'Senior Moments' in this group

  • Family Sayings

    7 members Latest Activity: Sep 7, 2015

    This is a group for your family sayings and mottos.


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