Hello my name is Lizzie and I lost my husband in February last year it was the worst time for me as we were coming up to our 40th wedding anniversary I ccouldn't believe he wouldn't be around for us to celebrate, I miss him so much then I had other times to get through like his birthday and mine then of course the dreaded Christmas and New Years Eve my son and his wife and children did their best to make it a pleasant time but my thoughts were always with my husband, not sure what this year will bring but I think my family think I should be over his death by now, they seem to forget that I am still grieving so I know how other on here feel.

I hope to chat to some of you.


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Hello love, I know just how you feel, its so hard to get along without them and their ways of doing things, you miss everything they used to do and say, but we have to go on and live for them, I get upset eating Martins favourite pizza but we enjoyed them at the time. Just keep going, chat to us, we are always here.

love from


Hello again Lizzie, My little dog died  a year ago and I am still devasated about losing her, Martin helped me through that time and now he has gone, keep loving your dogs and they will love and help you.x.

Hello Lizzie, I've just managed to get through my first Christmas, with the help of my family.  I lost my husband last September after 40 years of marriage, then had my birthday and his birthday then Christmas, so difficult.  You just have to keep going somehow and I don't think people who haven't lost a partner or someone close to them realise just how long it takes to recover somewhat.  I don't think we ever 'get over' the death or the pain of losing them, but I'm hoping it becomes more bearable over time. x

Like you Lizzie it only takes a little thing like a piece of music or something on TV to start the tears again, although it is getting better.  My husband died very suddenly and unexpectedly so it was a real shock.  He ran his own business and I did the admin for him so it was pretty full on work-wise and now there's not an awful lot to do. A real shock to the system.  We'd just moved from Chester to Surrey recently so am having to start a new life alone down in the South.  Difficult but my youngest son lives nearby and I have made some nice new friends, so it's not all bad. Thanks for your message, take care. X

Hello Lizzie

It is a very old and not of comfort to you sadly at this point in time, but the cliche of 'time heals' , is true.

I lost my husband after 38 years of marriage 16years ago and I will always miss him - however, the only thing that helped me in the beginning,  was to keep as busy as possible.  That truly awful raw grief from which you think you  will never recover from does eventually fade.   In the meantime try not to think too much of the future, just take each day as it comes and perhaps set yourself a task,  or if you are up to it join a voluntary group.   It will get better Lizzie.

Sending a hug.




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