Hi all

We may only be a small group, but special we are. I am new to this site but wanted to join in with the fun. 

I have a boat 'Kariba' a Seadrift 20 motor sailor, moored in the beautiful Teignmouth, Devon. This year we are going to use her more than last I hope.

We had a sorry 2012 as our dinghy was stolen and my husband and I decided to build a new one. It is now nearly finished, just paint and fittings to go when the weather gets warmer. Then of to Bristol Harbor for test day then down to Devon for some fun.

Will keep you all updated on our progress and the dinghy build.

This is 'Kariba' my boat.

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Hello there, what a lovely boat, and you live in a pretty part of England as well, we in Yorkshire have our rolling hills and [ hopefully] lots of fields and hills.

We have a canal boat Lulu, on the Rochdale canal and as we cruise along we go through peacefull quiete places, not as exciting as the sea but we make the most of it.

Welcome aboard.



Hi Christine

Yorkshire is beautiful & canals are fun, lots of pubs along the way ha ha.

Thanks for the compliment on the boat. That was taken on launch day in the harbor. Hope to get out more this year.

Happy fishing :)



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