I invariably have one of my two cameras with me when we are out and about. I love to take photographs of scenery, buildings and monuments. It amuses me when I watch other people taking their shots as it seems vital that they must have a person (friend or spouse) in the shot. They then swap over so that the photographer can now pose for a similar shot. To my way of thinking, if I am taking a shot of a statue, then that is the subject, not the person grinning next to it. If I take a picture of a person, then they become the subject, and the scenery becomes secondary.

I know that it is not important, and people can photograph what and who they like, however they like to do it. But what do others think? Just look at these shots of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Harbour. I waited patiently, until the Mermaid was not covered with tourists, to get these shots. The scene looks fairly quiet, but just out of shot are crowds of people. In the winter scene, people could not actually climb on the Mermaid, but were posing right infront, as you can see from the footprints in the snow

Have a look now at a photograph taking during a walk in Derbyshire, The scenery was beautiful, but on this occasion my wife was the subject and the scenery was secondary.

In the final shot, the landscape is the subject, and I think that it would be quite distracting and spoil the shot if there was to be a person figuring prominently in the shot. So what do all of you other photography group members think? I would love to hear your views and preferences.

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I'm no expert, but I totally agree, I much prefer a lovely view unspoiled by people!



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