I was Chairman of MLOS for 3 years, having been Secretary and general Committee member before.

I first got into Am-dram as my wife is a choreographer and dancer. I have 5 left feet (much to her frustration) but I can sing. I gave it up 10 years ago as since then my job has meant 12hr night and day shifts...........Thankfully I am now retired :)

Still a new experience BUT a very nice one. I had been dreading it (financially) but found a way to have a good supplemental income 18 months ago so all is good now.

I'm thinking I need to start singing again and will find a new local group soon as.

Anyone remotely interested in performing/stage work/theatre should look up a local Society. It is great for your social life and there is a place for everyone doing something whether on stage or behind it.

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