What is your favourite book? And tell us why you like it

Tell us about your favourite book and what you like most about it

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My favourite book is 'The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid' by Bill Bryson. Although all his books make me laugh, the Thunderbolt is a book I cannot read in bed, because my wife gets extremely irritated at my continual laughter!

Even though I have never been to America, I can identify with  (to a certain extent) Bill's childhood, and what life was like growing up in the sixties, with black and white television, Saturday morning pictures, playing cops and robbers in an old abandoned car, Cowboys and Indians (I always wanted to be an Red Indian, for some reason!). and climbing, and sometimes falling out of trees. 

Andy Mcnabs vivid account of war in Iraq and what our soldiers have to do in the line of duty, the book is 'Bravo two Zero'  gripping true life story, since then he has written many more true storiesabout his exploits all equally exciting.

He has also written countless novels about a fictional retired SAS soldier Nick Stone again very good read for all the soldiers in you. Sad to say I have bought all his books. No proud to say.



Hi, I'm new on here, so a big Hello to you all!

Favourite book? Sorry to be a pain, but for me it has to be two sharing equal billing, both by Irish writers:

The Crock of Gold by James Stevens - a grown up fairy story with leprechauns, two philosophers, Pan, and a hidden Crock of Gold....

The Third Policeman by Fiann O'Brien - about a policeman who relates people and life in proportion to his bicycle....

Totally bizarre books, and easy to read. The Crock of Gold is hard to find now (out of print?) but The Third Policeman is still easily available.  


Hi, my favourite book is 'Room' by Emma Donoghue.  I read a few chapters on line as a preview and had to buy the book to find out the ending.  It is a powerful novel about a mother and her five year old son, Jack, who has lived  in captivity in one room for his entire life.  The love and protection of his mother is such that she not only manages to keep him healthy but happy and with a sense of security as well.   The book is written from Jack's point of view and shows that he has a great attachment to his 'Room' and although his eventual freedom brings him many new experiences and a whole new family you are left with the impression that he will never experience such a profound sense of security again.  Such an unusual book that it sticks in the memory.

I read it a few years ago and thought it was very good though I felt a bit uncomfortable about it as it reflected what was happening in reality at the time.

Don't know where my previous comments went - apologies whoever picks them up!

I have 3 favourite books at the moment and can't choose between them.

1. The People in the Photo by Helene Gestern - about someone trying to find the people in an old photo - written in a series of letters and emails - fascinating.

2. Tempesta's Dream by Vincent LoCoco - a love story about a would be opera singer in Italy - contains many snippets of famous operas.

3. Life is but a dream by David Earle - a real page turner this one.   A 40 year old black man goes to sleep after celebrating his birthday and wakes up as a white professor some 100+ years in the future!   I won't spoilt the story but I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out what had happened.

I read a book by Jeffrey Archer called A Twist In The Tale, it was absolutely superb. It was full of short stories each with a twist at the end of the tale that I was never expecting! Definitely my sort of read and I would recommend it to any one else who is looking for a book to read. It was also perfect because you don't have to commit to a book of short stories - you can pick it up and put it down as you wish!

'The five people you meet in heaven' by Mitch Albom. It's short thought provoking and easy to read. All his books are really uplifting albeit a bit Americanised I think this one is my favourites. I'd be interested to know what you think

My favourite book is probably "Six feet to Lands End " by Ken Ward, about three old guys who walk from Cheltenham to Lands End using old footpaths,

This is the best book i have read in years, wonderfully descriptive of the English countryside, with its out of the way places, and footpaths. Its also a story of comradeship, compassion, romance, and adventure, with two old ex army guys, and one younger stone mason. who walk from the Cotswolds to Lands End, on some of the England,s finest footpaths,.Its also a story of endurance, romance, and bygone values, and above all, it shows that just because you are old, you needn,t  be written off,.. well done to Ken Ward, i eagerly await a follow up to this book



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