Having seen the programme, last night, regarding Prince Harry's 30th, I was impressed by his devotion and reality which is more than can be said for the rest of the Firm! The exception being the Duke of Edinburgh who,alas,was thrust into the position of being Consort to Her Maj regardless of his desire to continue his Naval activitiess but was obliged to adapt to a lesser role i.e. Patron of the WWLF.

What then of the other members? Do they really earn their salt or are they over- privileged, over-indulgent and of no practical use other than as objects paraded to ensure their existence as 'Royals'! A parallel being freaks in a sideshow held in awe by a curious public !!
A topic worthy of discussion--or of no consequence. What sayest thou ?

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Ganging up--is it ! First I have to contend with Judy, then MM ! Now, Londoner, you want to enter the fray !

Girls!  Have you no mercy to bestow on a poor misguided soul whose only ambition is to steer those of a similar disposition on to  the path of righteousness. Dear, oh dear--there may be trouble ahead ! (Cue for song !)

Shall now retire to lick my wounds but wait,young lassies ! Prepare yourselves for further onslaught !  LOL, Teddy.


Fantastic response, MM  ! Stirring a hornet's nest--never! Just a nudge to indicate what you may have overlooked  Loved the bizarre bazaar--poetic !!

As for an excursion to the TOWER--shame on you for enlisting assstance ! Have never been there--how about a guided tour ? 

(Omitting the Traitor's Gate lest my presence causes embarassment !!)

Regards. Mr Teddy.



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