Tell us about your Pets and why they are special?

Tell us about your pets and why they are special?

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My doggies name is Kobe. He is a resque dog and a Bishon. He is about 6 years old and a great dog. He is calming and very friendly. Like to chase cats and squirls. Don't hurt the cat just chases her and stands over her for a little while, then she just walks away. So funny. This is him sitting on one of my quilts.


A lovely dog and a very unusual design for a quilt.

I took early retirement in march 2011 and always said I would get a dog. So we bought a 7 week old Shih Tzu called him Jack hes brought so much joy to our family words can't express it. Hes lovable, playfull,mischievious but very obedient not had one ounce of trouble from him.

I have three dogs and a horse, my dogs are called, Tippex, Jake and Eva - Eva you can see in my profile picture!! =) Each are beautiful and have lovely distinguishable characteristics, all are very mild tempered but very excitable - Jake probably more so! They are all rescued =) My horse is called Foxy he is chestnut coloured and has a lovely temperament!

Hi Guys! I was just reading this article and I thought I would share it with you's as you are fellow pet owners =) It is about carbon monoxide which is a gas that is deadly to pets and humans and there’s no way to know whether or not you've got a carbon monoxide leak unless you have a CO2 alarm, which is not something I actually had in my house. I found out lots of information from this website ( and I've had a CO2 alarm installed at home as I have lot's of pets (a bit of a mad house really) so I thought it would be the responsible thing to do. Definitely worth having a read! Hope this is helpful!

I was told by my plumber the last time he serviced  our boiler  that he thought it would soon be a requirement to have a carbon monoxide detector.  (this is in the UK).

After our cat Alice died, we decided 'no more cats', but fate had other ideas.  Seeing a cat lying on the pavement opposite our house, I remarked to someone how pretty it was.  She informed me that the owner no longer wanted the cat and without hesitation my husband went over to ask her about it and within half an hour Flora (renamed from Fowler) had two new adoring slaves.  She is the sweetest most gentle cat we've had and we love her unconditionally.

Meet Charley, the Bengal.  A couple of weeks ago she went missing on Friday evening.  We spent a very miserable weekend awaiting her return and by the Monday morning we'd resigned ourselves to the likelihood that she either wasn't coming home or couldn't come home.  I started the dismal task of phoning vets, local animal welfare charities and was about to phone the Highways dept to see if a body had been picked up when I heard her.  (Those of you who know Bengals know that they are easily identifiable!)  The nosey madam had decided to investigate our builder's van and he'd driven off with her in the back where she had spent the whole weekend, the hottest of the year so far.  She marched into the house, wolfed down a bowl of food and went to sleep, totally fine after her ordeal. 

The builder had technically finished at our house and had only returned to pick up a piece of equipment he'd forgotten.  Had he gone straight to his next job and opened his van miles away from our house we believe we may never have seen her again. 

So, the lesson is; if you have a nosey cat, make sure you check your visitors' vehicles before they leave.


Charley is beautiful. That's quite a story. You must have been so relieved to get her back.



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