What would you put in 'Room 101' - what things do you dislike? And why?

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Having music blurting out just about everywhere I go - be it in the high street shops, cafes, supermarkets, the vehicle next to me at the traffic lights and restaurants. All I want to do when I am out eating with family or friends is sit, eat and have a nice conversation with people without having to compete with that awful racket. I can't seem to think straight when in a shop and there is a constant boom booming. What happened to peace and quiet?

 I think they have banned peanuts on flights now, Jenny. Our grandson had a peanut allergy and we all had those special pens he might have needed. Over the years, with hospital help,  the allergy has "subsided" and he is able to be around them though he doesn't eat them.

Good job it was only peanuts as some people are allergic to NUTS . Very dangerous. So many products contain nut oils and these care equally dangerous.

One of my granddaughters has  dairy allergies and also nuts (she is 8) but is slowly  improving and has always been very sensible knowing what she can or can't eat and checking with her parents before eating anything offered.  It's odd how many more children suffer from allergies these days.  I'm intolerant to garlic and it took me years to work out why I so often felt bad after meals!  The worst was when a friend made taramasalata (sp?) and wasn't used to cooking with garlic (it was the 70's) and put several cloves of it in the mixture.  It tasted delicious but I was so ill afterwards.

 The trouble, Judy, is often with other people who think one is being "fussy" about food. Schools, fortunately, have taken steps to ensure they are "nut-free" places. Being allergic to dairy products must be a mine-field.

I did some reading after our grandson was rushed to hospital after his peanut attack. You are right. Nut allergies have risen sharply over the last decade. Bet other allergies are involved.

I can no longer eat shell fish. Good job I was never that keen on them but I did like the occasional shrimp cocktail. After two bouts of severe re-action all shellfish are now off the menu. Yet this is a recent re-action. Odd!

My allergy is with other nuts ie brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts. I have an epi pen but so far haven't had to use it.

I really don't like the smell of peanuts though, and don't eat them just in case.

I tend to find that when you are on an enclosed spaces such as an aeroplane, theatre or cinema the smell is overwhelming.

They may have banned giving them out, but people still bring them out and eat them. So it can be a problem. I just seem to be unlucky and usually get the person who is eating them.

The only thing I can do is get up and have a walk or swap seats with my husband.

Allergy to shellfish is very common, my daughter can't eat them as this was discovered on a recent allergy test.

People do think you are being fussy and don't take you seriously, which is often a problem. But on the whole things are better and there is so much more awareness in restaurants and food shops.



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