What would you put in 'Room 101' - what things do you dislike? And why?

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It would have to be clingfilm,I detest the stuff.It tears and sticks where you don't want it to and whoever invented it should be wrapped in it and put in the deep freeze!

A must for room 101 is ARTIFICAL FLOWERS.  I won't have them in the house.  So much stuff in the world is artificial, false, pseudo this and that - having flowers that are unreal is criminal.  Please leave the flowers alone and let us enjoy the real thing.

I would put in sweet and sour sauce! I think it's the worst tasting sauce in the world!

I quite agree.

I agree.

Polystyrene, I can't bear the noise it makes.

Your not wrong there! 

 Some people: Stephen Fry after his BAFTA  presentation .and  two participants in  the programme  10,000BC

It would have to be mobile phones. When they were first invented they were just what they were suppose to be a phone to use whilst mobile. But now they are mobile computers and conversation killers. People walk down the street using them and expect you to walk round them. People are now controlled by them!!

 So true! Family gatherings aren't what they used to be either, and it's not just the youngsters.

Oh dear. You won't like my reply to this discussion as a free thinker, however, brace yourselves, and here I go:

1/ Organised religion

Brought up as C of E, I refused to go to confirmation classes after the first lesson. I felt that to align myself with one faith would deny all others, rather like a fanatical football supporter would bad-mouth all other teams. So many faiths have fractured into sects, where certain things are allowed or forbidden, sometimes on the whim of the spiritual leader at the time. Why can't we all just be nice to each other? I try to do a bit of good every day, and if we all did, the world attitude would change.

2/ Politics v statesmanship

So many politicians blindly tow the party line, whatever it is, being afraid to put their face above the parapet, being told what to say or do by MI6. I support, ironically, both Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbett for telling it like it is, which is why they have done so well in the popular vote. They can hardly thus be called extremists; indeed I'd love to see them head-to-head in tv discussions!

3/ War

Forget the macho beliefs, and go for a walk and look at nature, which was around long before you started dropping bombs. See the butterflies, listen to the birds, watch the plants grow, feel the warmth of the sun. Realise what life''s all about.

4/ The City of London

The City, the Stock Exchange, the futures market etc., are in fact just legalised gambling. Nobody knows what will happen any more than who will win the 2.30 at Kempton Park.

5/ The media

Who tells the truth? Answers please, not on a postcard, but on a postage stamp.

 Having got shot of all that lot, we can enjoy a gentler life of friendship, being interested in other people, music, art, and positivity to create a world fit for future generations.

Now wouldn't that be just nice?

People who eat peanuts or any kind of nuts next to me on an aeroplane, in a theatre or cinema or somewhere too close by - without asking. I am allergic to nuts and can't bear the smell and find myself holding my breath or having to go for a walk. Yuk. It always seems to happen to me ...

Sorry, I sound like a real fuss pot. But then this is Room 101!



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