Hello everybody, I'm new to this site and I think before long I think I'll be asking for help to find my way round this site so I can make the most of everything thats available.

 I'm fairly

 new to retirement but it didn't take me long to wonder how I fitted everything into my life while I was working and for the first time ever I think I need a diary to keep on top of everything I plan to do!

Anyway I'm off to an aqua aerobics class now so for the time being....... bye for now!

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Welcome to the site, their not a bad lot on here.lol

I know what you mean! Since I've 'retired' - hate the term, think slippers and pipe - I'm enjoying the fact that every day is different. I need a diary far more than ever before, be it for the allotment / gardening jobs / retail work / helping friends / art group / photography / committee work. What is brilliant is the variety that life brings; i'm hardly ever in during the daytime. A friend of mine beats this. When he retired he took up:

gliding - built his own computer - learnt french - took up badminton - watercolours - now that is quite something! Mum used to take my business enquiries till she was 85. Whatever you do, keep mentally and physically active, and enjoy a healthy diet!



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