Does anyone else get irritated as I do with the changing English Language?

Everyone and everything seems to be "on a journey" these days. We recently had a new appliance delivered and I had a message to say that I would be kept up to date on my new appliances journey! Did they mean I would be kept up to date as to its delivery?

Why do people now "reach out"? Surely they mean to get in touch? 

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused"

My classic is " The following programme may contain scenes that some viewers may find disturbing" How will I know until I get to that scene and it disturbs me?

Or am I just a grumpy old git?  ( or do I mean cantankerous senile individual?)

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Oh yes I do. Why do the youngsters say 'like' every few words? Also, people have started saying 'so' when starting a sentence. It's usually after somebody has asked them a question and they say 'So'........ and then answer the question.......and that annoying way that people gradually move their voice up a pitch when speaking. There's the one where people start telling you something too and they suddenly say 'right?' part way through the sentence as if to ask if I'm keeping up and understanding them so far! 

Why people start these daft trends is beyond me, but it's even more beyond me why other people actually follow such daft trends when it sounds so silly, and in some cases patronising. Yes the 'on a journey' one is very annoying. I'm on a journey when I get in the car or on the bike, not when I'm entering a competition or buying something.

OK I think I've made my point and I'll jump down off my soap box now. Phew! I feel much better for that little rant. I've drifted off the English language point here a bit - sorry!



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